Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Life's Reflections

Life’s Reflections: Hanging Out With Classic Vehicles

I have been to and covered a couple of car shows over the years, and it's interesting to see these vehicles that are taken...

Life’s Reflections: Roger McEowen Continues His Fight For Life

It was great to hear from Roger McEowen this week. He contacted me to let me know that he had had a stroke on...

Life’s Reflections: Siblings Won’t Ever Forget Sept. 6, 1947

Seventy-seven years ago tomorrow, our parents, Lee Jr., and Bea (Riffell) Moody, were married and went on to become the parents of us four...

Life’s Reflections: Another County Fair Down In The Books

Yes, I was a slacker at the Great Darke County Fair this year, but did get to some of the events that I had...

Life’s Reflections: Let the Fun Begin At Darke County Fair

I've been enjoying seeing some of the goings-on at the Great Darke County Fair via social media thus far...In the meantime, I am getting...

Life’s Reflections: Saying Goodbye To A Former Co-worker

It was sad to hear about the recent loss of former co-worker, Glen "Murph" Murphy. Ironically, he passed away on Aug. 11, the 23rd anniversary...

Life’s Reflections: Preparing Oneself Again For Darke Fair Coverage

I keep wondering if I am making the right decision in covering another Great Darke County Fair. I love the nine-day event, but the older...

Life’s Reflections: Kudos Go Out to Volunteers Working To Improve Ansonia

Despite the intense heat, cleanup began Saturday on some of the properties in Ansonia, thanks to organizers and many volunteers. This resulted from a town...

Life’s Reflections: Groups Forming To Help Beautify This Village

It was interesting to visit an Ansonia Village Council meeting once again following quite a few years of not having covered them. I was there...

Life’s Reflections: North Star Picnic Had Lots To Offer Again

Jamie and I made our way up to the 72nd annual North Star Community Picnic this year, and traveled there early Saturday night, hoping...