Friday, December 1, 2023
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Issue 1: It’s About Much More than Abortion

Ohioans began voting on Issue 1 on October 11. Voting concludes on November 7. If you have not yet voted, there is something you...

Finishing Primary Flight Instruction

Weather had us grounded. Like crystal daggers, icicles hung off the wings of the yellow trainers on the flight-line. The ceiling was low and...

High Plains Beauty

You can see forever. What at first seems to be a featureless, rolling plain when viewed from a distance, unfolds into gulleys, draws, and...

Editor of the Babylon Bee stung in early morning raid

MULESHOE, TX – In a stunning pre-dawn raid, a strike team composed of EPA and FDA agents arrested Calvin Johns, editor of the Babylon...

Hot Poker!

Okay, we aren’t talking about a game of cards, gang.  We’re talking about fireplace pokers, and how to turn a cold poker into a...


What if the Soviets shot down an F-16 over international waters during a time of peace? What if the American pilot was conducting a...

The Solo Flight

I had to fly with one hand and blow my nose with the other. Depending on how fast your nose is running, that can...

Cowbird People

  I have enough bird feeders in my backyard to feed the entire starling population of the state of Ohio—not that I want to feed...

A tribute to those who didn’t come home, and to their families

War is a meat grinder. It’s a terrible thing for a close friend to die in actual combat. But in some ways, when a...

The Clothes Horse

“Surely you’re not leaving the house dressed like that. That tie doesn’t go with your shirt.” These are among the most dreaded words a husband...