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Last Train to Clarksville

Did You Know I’m Blind?

As some of you may know, I possess an overactive imagination. In addition, I can remember large chunks of my childhood in great detail....

As Humans, Do We value Power More Than Truth?

As inquisitive creatures, we seek truth; we prefer truth to falsehood.  Searching for truth excites us. We often fail to question its value, though. ...

Dualism – Part B

“As the science of neurology advances so do the chances of us discovering, where our free will capacity resides inside the brain.” This quote...

Dualism – Part A

What follows may be conceptionally difficult to grasp. It’s obstruse message is of paramount importance with regards to morality but most of us live...

Traveling Books

  Back in the day, the Annie Oakley Festival was held in the side yard of the Garst Museum; where over 300,000 artifacts are on...

Aging in America

Life is arithmetic. There are only three certainties all of us face: we’re born, we live, we die. How many years one lives during...

Surviving Childhood

I am reminded from time to time how truly lucky I am to have survived my childhood. Hell, as far as that goes, so...

Cadillacs of the Sky – A Quote from Empire of the Sun

Many of us look for heroes in life. And it appears that our human need or drive to find and celebrate these heroes is...

An Essay On Quotes

People on FB love to quote famous people (who lend support to their cause) but I'm not a big fan of quotes. And there...

Sagacious Advice to My 17-Year-Old Self

In 1968 I was a junior in high school.  And at the tender age of seventeen, I considered myself lost because I was. As a...