Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Life’s Reflections: Another Successful Turnout For Ansonia Kids Christmas

Despite recent health woes, the show did go on for Betty Burnfield Saturday morning when the American Legion in Ansonia opened its doors for...

Life’s Reflections: Signage Honors Park’s Founder Betty Grimes

UNION CITY - I would like to thank those who made the signage to honor a good friend, the late Betty Grimes, at the...

Life’s Reflections: Happy Thanksgiving From Our Home to Yours

My son, Jamie, and I would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. It's also my sister Brenda Norton's birthday,...

Life’s Reflections: Times Have Changed In Journalism Field

One thing that has always caused some problems in my life is change. I am used to doing things in certain ways, and it...

Life’s Reflections: Cleaning Up My Life With Another Activity

I know the other week, I talked about my recycling. This weekend, despite some physical problems I've been experiencing, I decided to go to my...

Life’s Reflections: Remembering High School Days Always A Pleasure

I spent Saturday morning with some of my former female classmates, thanks to whoever put the event together. Thirteen of us gathered at the Double...

Life’s Reflections: Recycling A Major Part of the Moody Lifestyle

One of the things that I enjoy doing is recycling. Not only does it clear out my apartment, but it makes me feel good to...

Life’s Reflections: McEowen Touched Many Lives in Darke County

I wasn't quite prepared to hear the news that I heard a few days ago. Roger McEowen, a long-time friend, passed away. Yes, I knew...

Life’s Reflections: Taking A Look At Life’s Greatest Inventions

When you run out of ideas for a weekly column, you improvise. I resemble that remark as I prepare for this week. I lead a...

Life’s Reflections: Cincinnati Reds Are Still Champions In Our Minds

The headlines say it all. In our minds, the Cincinnati Reds are still number one, especially in this Moody household. Despite the fact that they...