Life’s Reflections: Unwanted phone calls disrupting our lives


Excuse us please if we don’t answer our phone. What is it with all of these telephone calls nowadays….at all hours of the day, every day of the week?

In our household, the phone is not answered unless the number is a familiar one. My son is getting tired of this just as much as I am.

What person has time to make these phone calls from all over the country, especially if it’s on Sunday? We have even gotten phone calls early in the morning and late at night…at breakfast, lunch and supper time.

Isn’t anybody’s life and lifestyle sacred anymore?

We have enough decisions to make with everyday living without someone making life tougher.

It is already hard enough to trust people when you know them. So why would we trust strangers on the phone from who knows where?

I detest those Spam Risk and Null calls or other questionable numbers we receive, but I do appreciate that at least someone is trying to forewarn us before we do answer by letting us know what we may face if we answer them.

Telephones are a great invention and a wonderful way to communicate. However, it has changed, and not in a good way, over the past several years.

Are all of the phone calls legitimate or is someone trying to scam us for ill-gotten gains? Why does whoever is doing this feel good about the benefits of their efforts, if obtained as a result of these calls, in an evil manner or by dishonest means?

Perhaps, just say some of these calls are legitimate, then we may be in the wrong but we take precautions in our home. We’ve just received too many calls to think that we are going to receive valuable information. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong but I would only have myself to blame.

There are reportedly schemes in which the caller immediately asks a yes or no question of the person being called so that the “perpetrator” can use that answer in such a way it would fulfill their plan to dupe someone, putting that answer in jeopardy without the respondent realizing it until it’s too late.

Well, I don’t want that. Sorry. I’m too old to play these types of games. I have better things to do.

If I am really needed, they will find another way to get hold of me.

What inspired me to bring this problem to light was when the phone rang last night and my son went to take the call but noticed that it was another Spam Risk call with our phone number on it. He is the one who brought it to my attention.

I know of other people who receive the same type of calls, but some of those people opt to give these unknown callers a taste of their own medicine.
If I tried that, I would probably screw it all up and it’s not worth my time.

I am wondering if these callers are getting paid good money to make these random phone calls. Even that wouldn’t be worth it for me.

If you can’t reach me by phone, find some other legitimate way to get ahold of me.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind hearing from friends and loved ones because we all need that type of communication.

I would just like to know what people get out of making these nonsensical phone calls.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Mike Bryant, James Oliver, Denise O’Dell, Catherine Dues, Danny Livingston and Paul Stover.

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Think about it: “If you really think about it, life is chock full of irony. It takes sadness to understand happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value true presence. ” — Author Unknown