Life’s Reflections: FFA banquet speaker a fan of agriculture

Rodney Creech, an Ohio district state representative, was proud to tell of his love for agriculture, when he served as guest speaker for the Ansonia FFA's parent-member banquet this past Thursday. (Linda Moody photo)

Rodney Creech sure put the icing on the cake when he addressed the Ansonia FFA banquet attendees last Thursday night.

Everybody there knew the reasons they were invited…to celebrate the success of the student members…but, like I said, he added icing to the cake.

The 40th District State Representative Creech is a fourth-generation grain farmer, and said he got involved with politics for all the right reasons.

Yes, he was also a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) as a youth, which he said impacted his life immensely.

“I got to where I am and was very fortunate to be in my family. Dad was a farmer and that’s all I wanted to do,” Creech said. “As a little guy, I was excited to go out with Dad and Grandpa.”

He went on, “When I got into high school, I got into ag classes and FFA put me on track. I listened and learned and applied that to home.”

Creech, who attended Twin Valley South in Preble County, said that program taught him a lot.

Upon graduation from high school, he knew he wanted to become an ag leader, so at Morehead State, he majored in agronomy and got very involved in the collegiate FFA program.

“I took college seriously, and graduated with honors,” he said. “FFA and ag kept me in tune. After college 29 years ago, I took a couple of internships.”

He urged those who were also interested in furthering an agricultural career to build as many relationships as they can if they want to go far in the future.

Having learned all about ag and sales, Creech started his own lawn care business 19 years ago and there are now 52 employees.

“I have lived on Grandpa’s farm for 24 years,’ he said. “Grandpa was a township trustee and, if a tree blew down on the road, he’d go and get me to help him. I ran for trustee when I started the business and served for six years and then I became a county commissioner for several years.”

Creech said this is his fourth year in the Ohio House.

“I am honored to serve Ohio and my two goals are to make ag better and efficient. I try to educate people,” said Creech, who noted that there are only six farmers in the Ohio State House.”

He encouraged future leaders to get involved and informed them about H.B. 135 which was introduced last year.

“I am very excited about that bill. It’s a good, clean simple bill,” he concluded.

I truly enjoyed listening to his speech. What a tribute he made to agriculture! I already knew that the FFA is a great program but I also learned more about how it affected this man’s life and how it’s going to affect these FFA students’ lives.

Good luck in the future to everyone involved!

More on the banquet will be appearing on My County Link this week.

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