Update on workplan for soil sampling


PIQUA – The City of Piqua releases the Environmental Site Assessment Report from WSP Global, Inc., following soil sampling at the former water treatment plant. The findings and analysis of the results of the sampling are shared below.

The study was developed and implemented by WSP Global, Inc., with careful review by the City and the Ohio EPA.

The sampling workplan included gathering representative soil samples to analyze for previously identified inorganic materials, anions, and other substances. These samples were gathered through a series of soil borings in and around the battery testing areas: the testing room, testing pad, and the gravel storage area. In addition to the soil sampling, the workplan included gathering and analyzing wipe samples taken from the interior of the test room as well as collecting and analyzing stormwater samples from the catch basin adjacent to the test room.

All locations sampled were on City-owned property; no residents or businesses were inconvenienced by this work.

You can download the final Environmental Site Assessment Report here: Report PDF.

Recap of Previously Completed Testing and Sampling of Conditions at the Former Water Plant

As we’ve reported earlier in this space, last fall, with input from Ohio EPA, the City of Piqua contracted with a third-party independent contractor for sampling and a certified laboratory to test the City’s water sources and treated water supply. The sampling results from the City’s drinking water plant confirmed the water is safe for drinking, bathing, and cooking, and results from sampling of source waters in the area show there are no concerning contamination levels.