City of Piqua offers summer property maintenance reminders


PIQUA – As the weather warms into the summer season, the City of Piqua offers property maintenance reminders for residences and businesses.

The guidelines are set in City of Piqua code and help the community to be a well-maintained and safe environment.

Key property maintenance reminders include:

  • Maintain grass and vegetation at less than 8 inches in height. Keep grass out of the street and gutter.
  • Refuse customers are permitted up to three bulk items a week. Mattresses, couches and other upholstered items must be fully wrapped in plastic. Rental/property cleanouts, tires and construction debris will not be collected.
  • Vehicles (including cars, trailers, boats and campers) must be street-legal, operable and insured and have current license plates. Vehicles cannot be parked or stored on grass or dirt. Wrecked or junk vehicles, race cars or vehicles in disrepair are not allowed. Trailers, boats and campers must be stored behind the front plane of the house or in the rear yard on approved surfaces.
  • Paint, roofs, windows, gutters, downspouts, fascia and accessory structures must be intact and in good condition. Keep porches free of debris.
  • Permits are required for any new fence, pool, shed, garage, sidewalk, deck, driveway, additional parking created on property, etc.
  • Each property may host up to three sales per year. Signage is only permitted at the sale site and must be behind the public right of way (sidewalk).

Full details about property maintenance reminders, along with the code referenced, may be found on the City website at For additional information, call the City of Piqua Community Services Department at 937-778-2813.