Piqua Police Blotter




August 11, 2:29 pm. Ryan L Butts was arrested by A S Coe at S Roosevelt Ave. Offense of Violating Protection Order or Consent Agreement.

August 11, 5:44 pm. Jordan A Reedy was arrested by J W Heath at South St. Offenses of Public Indecency, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Appear, and Issuance of Warrant.

August 11, 9:40 pm. Timothy E Smith was arrested by J W Heath at E Ash St. Offense of Theft.

August 11, 7:56 pm. Wood St. & S Roosevelt Ave. An officer stopped a vehicle due to it having an expired fictitious license plate on the front. After stopping the vehicle it was found to have a good license plate on the rear. The driver was warned and advised to remove the front plate.

August 12, 12:44 am. Michael G Ramey was arrested by C R Yingst at N State Rt 66. Offense of Warrant service / Out of County Warrant.

August 12, 2:52 am. Claude Rambert III was arrested by G S Lotz at N McKinley Ave. Offense of Aggravated Menacing.

August 13, 1:57 pm. Vincent F Sowers was arrested by K R Ingle at N Downing St. Offense of Possession of Drugs/Illegal Use or Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

August 13, 3:46 pm. Jordan M Schneider was arrested by A F Kimpel on Experiment Farm Rd and Farrington Rd. Offense of Criminal Damaging / Knowingly Endangering.

August 14, 8:20 am. Danielle N Meyer was arrested by P D Crusey. Offense of Endangering Children / Create Substantial Risk to Health or Safety.

August 14, 5:48 pm. Thomas L Hick was arrested by J T Yenser at Covington Ave. Offense of Theft.

August 15, 10:16 pm. Jason W Goldschmidt was arrested by L T Welbaum at E Ash St. Offense of Theft without Consent.

August 16, 11:42 am. Michael D Rhoden was arrested by Z Smith at E Ash St. Offense of Criminal Mischief.

August 16, 12:17 pm. John R Harlow was arrested by A S Coe at E Water St. Offense of Assault.

August 17, 3:53 am. Jogn R Harlow was arrested by G S Lotz at E Water St. Offense of Theft.

August 17, 11:54 am. Thomas D Winebarger was arrested by K R Ingle at W Covington Ave. Offense of Theft Without Consent.

August 17, 2:54 pm. Thomas D Winebarger was arrested by A S Coe at Park Ave. Offenses of Warrant Service, Criminal Trespass, and Theft.


August 12, 12:44 am. N State Rt 66. A subject called in concerned about his friends possibly overdosing on drugs. The subjects were located, and one of the males had overdosed. The squad responded and revived the subject. One subject was arrested on an out-of-county warrant.


August 11, 9:39 pm. Tipp City requested for an officer to assist with a female they arrested. The Officer stood in a hospital room with the female while she took a bag of cocaine out of her vagina and placed it into an evidence bag. The evidence bag was handed over to the Tipp City officer for further investigation. Nothing further at this time.


August 15, 4:25 am. An intoxicated male subject requested officers to come to his residence for an unknown reason. Upon arrival, the male was uncooperative and yelled profanities at officers. The male subject was asked how he could be assisted, but the male advised the officers to leave.


August 15, 2:22 pm. N Sunset Dr and Park Ave. Accident with no injury.  The caller advised that a vehicle crash occurred between two vehicles.  The at-fault driver was cited for failure to control.  An OH-1 Traffic Crash Report was completed.


August 15, 10:16 pm. E Ash St. Theft in progress. Local Walmart advised that a subject left the store without paying for items. This subject was located and arrested.