Mercer County Sheriff’s Office releases drug stats


CELINA— Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey today released Mercer County drug arrest statistics for 2022. “We feel like we are making progress in the drug problems throughout the county, but there is still a lot of work to be done to stay on top of it,” stated Grey.

In 2022 the Sheriff’s Office served drug related indictments on 74 different people. These 74 people were charged with a total of 210 felony drug violations. The majority of the drugs involved were methamphetamines, with fentanyl and heroin also found frequently.

Of the 74 people arrested throughout Mercer County, 11 were female and 30 were male between the ages of 18-35, 9 were female and 19 were male between the ages of 36-55, and 5 were males over the age of 55.

Investigations by the Sheriff’s Office accounted for 39 of the 74 people on 111 charges. Investigations by police departments throughout the county accounted for 35 of the 74 people and 99 charges. The Grand Lake Drug Task Force and the Heroin Interdiction Team assisted with 36 people and 123 of the charges.

The Grand Lake Drug Task Force is made up of officers and deputies from Mercer and Auglaize Counties. Officers are sworn in by both County Sheriffs to have countywide jurisdiction in each county when working a task force detail. The Heroin Interdiction Team is made up of Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputies, Celina Police Officers, and Coldwater Police Officers. All are sworn in by the Mercer County Sheriff to have county wide jurisdiction when working a Heroin Interdiction Team detail.

“Law enforcement agencies in both counties are working well together, these statistics show the combined effort of Mercer County Law Enforcement to combat this community problem,” stated Sheriff Grey, “We will continue to aggressively pursue drug offenses throughout the county.”

The three pronged approach of aggressive enforcement, treatment, and education, seem to making an impact. “Several people who we have arrested in the past, have taken advantage of the opportunities given to them while incarcerated in the Mercer County jail to get themselves into recovery. The partnership between the jail, the courts, the Houses of Hope and Brianna’s Hope are making a difference. I am very proud when I see people in the community, living a good life, drug free after fighting addiction, I feel like the Sheriff’s Office, jail, and other law enforcement has had a positive impact on their lives. It isn’t easy for them, but it is possible if they take advantage of opportunities given to them. Several have and they are proof that those with addiction problems can turn their life around,” stated Sheriff Grey.