Flory Landscaping celebrates 35 years in business and a new building

Gaylen Blosser Photo

GREENVILLE – On Friday morning, Flory Landscaping held a ribbon cutting and open house to celebrate 35 years in business and their new building. 

Kevin Flory, owner of Flory Landscaping, shared that this business has been his vision since he was a teenager. He stated he was honored to share the new building with his Father before he recently passed and feels extremely blessed to have his family support and work with him. 

“I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Flory said. “To be able to make it a small family business. The community has been wonderful to us as far as support for 35 years to allow us to be able to have something like this. We just certainly appreciate all of our customers, all our employees, to be able to make this happen. There’s a lot of their workmanship and craftsmanship that went into this building and facility to make it what it is today.” 

Flory also shared the story of how Flory Landscaping came to be, starting with his transfer to Greenville Schools from Franklin Monroe in eighth grade. 

“My dream was to play Big Ten football for Ohio State,” Flory said. “I was in a farming accident my sophomore year of school; the doctors told me I could not play football anymore. So I just took my energy, like any high school kid, started push mowing yards and trimming some shrubs.” 

In his junior year, he hired people to advance what he had started. His first large commercial contract was with Fram Oil Filters in Greenville. He had three employees in his junior year and five employees in his senior year. 

“I decided after school I wanted to go into real estate, so I went to Edison State for Real estate,” Flory said. “I decided that the business was doing really well, thought I could make a living at it so I continued on and kept building it.” 

With good employees and community support, he realized he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. The business kept growing. When he met his wife, she was very supportive of the business and ended up joining along with their two kids. Now, his kids and grandkids are the driving force that keeps Flory going. 

“We are just very blessed with a great community and great employees.” 

Congratulations, Flory Landscaping!