West Alexandria Cleanup Week

WEST ALEXANDRIA – The Village of West Alexandria’s Cleanup week is May 18-25, 2024. Large items will be accepted by our trash service.
Please wrap all furniture and mattresses with plastic prior to setting it out for trash pickup.
No harmful chemicals, paints, or oil will be accepted.
Please use containers for all loose items.
Any individuals, clubs, organizations or churches that are available to help with a community project, please contact Debbi Hornbrook, Property Maintenance Department, at 513 650-0091 or email propertycode@westalexoh.com.
We need everybody’s help keeping our community a safe place to live and visit. All help is appreciated.
If at any time you notice a property that is in need of maintenance or cleanup. Please call or text (513) 650-0091. Your call or text will be returned promptly.
We all have the same goal for our Village. So please take part in our effort to make a difference. Thank you!