Tri-Village powerlifting places at Bradford


The Tri-Village Powerlifting Team participated in the Bradford Powerlifting Meet on Saturday Jan 14th. There were 15 schools represented and about 240 lifters.

There were six complete teams in the boys and girls division. The TV boys placed second and the girls placed fifth. The next meet will be the Kenton Regional Powerlifting Meet on Jan 28th at Kenton HS.

Individual results for the boys: Carson Watern, Austin Kosier, Lucas Howell, Hunter Ridout, Stuart Brown, Cameron Kimmel, Christian Cantrell and Seth Jesse placed 1st in there respective weight classes. Matthew Brewster, Shaun Crawford, Kaedon Lipps, Thomas Nuse and Calvin Fritz placed 2nd in there respective weight classes. Mavin Robinson, Grant Leonard, and Grant Howell placed 3rd in there weight classes. Michael Rhoades, CJ Osborne and Davin Stephans placed 4th in there weight classes. Landon Moore and Levi Farmer placed 5th in there weight classes. Twenty two out of 30 boys placed in the top five. Individual results for the girls: Macy Howell placed 1st in her weight class. Jolie Curtner, Kaylee Rich-Welch and Alivia Dunlap placed 2nd in their weight classes. Kaylee Stark placed 3rd in her weight class. Loryn Metzcar placed 4th in her weight class. 6 out of 10 girls placed in the top five.