Toby Spencer on behalf of Aaron Flatter


Paid for by Friends of Aaron Flatter

To the Editor:

As your former Darke County Sheriff, I am proud to support Aaron Flatter to be our next commissioner. I have known the Flatter & Riegle families for a long time–his grandparents, Bill & Betty Riegle, instilled great values of hard work as Bill retired from the county garage after 30 years. Aaron’s parents, Tom and Connie Flatter, also answered this call to their communities, serving as teachers and coaches. I am sure they are all so proud to see Aaron follow their example of giving back where you can.

As a journeyman and business development professional, Aaron will bring great energy and enthusiasm to the County. He wants to see more young professionals and families understand the great quality of life that we have right here in Darke County and choose to make this home, too. Aaron has great managerial and budget experience, which is important with a county of our size. He supports law enforcement and is always willing to listen and learn.

Please join me in supporting a terrific young leader to join our Darke County Commission, and remember to WRITE IN Aaron Flatter on the March 19th primary.


Toby Spencer

Retired Darke County Sheriff

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