Police Blotter – Troy



October 14, 4:22 pm. Kelsey S. Hinkle was arrested by S.R. Schipper at Crescent Dr. Offenses of Dog Antitrabic Vaccine and Tag Require/Annual Registration. 

October 14, 9:45 pm. Ronnie E. Campbell Jr. was arrested by H. Bradburn at W Market St. Offenses of OVI Refusal with Prior Conviction and Driving While Under the Influences of Alcohol and/or Drugs. 

October 15, 10:44 am. Chip A. Mills was arrested by J.M. Deal at Drury LN. Offenses of Criminal Damaging/Endangering and Burglary Trespass in Permanent or Temporary Habitation of Any Person When Any Person Present. 

October 15, 4:57 pm. Wyatt A. Richards was arrested by S.R. Schipper at Floral Ave. Offense of Criminal Damaging/Endangering. 

October 15, 3:46 am. Timothy H. Wilson was arrested by A.L. Gibson at the S I75 on ramp. Offense of Out of County Warrant. 

October 16, 1:35 am. William D. Odom was arrested by T. Iverson at W Main St. Offenses of Involving Underage persons/Underage Consume Beet Intoxicating Liquor, Open Liquor Container Operator or Passenger of Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Drugs/Marijuana. 

October 16, 2:51 pm. Terry L. Smith Jr was arrested by J.A. Misirian. Offense of Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle.

October 16, 4:10 pm. Seth A. Stormer was arrested by K.D. Duchak at W Market St. Offense of Driving Under OVI Suspension.  

October 16, 8:50 pm. Kelly M. Sales was arrested by S. R. Schipper at N Dorset Rd. Offense of Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. 

October 19, 6:57 pm. Timothy J. Johnson was arrested by N.H. Freisthler at W. Main St. Offense of Inducing Panic/Circulating Report or Warning. 


 October 13, 1:35 am. Report of vehicles being gone through and wallet stolen overnight on Shady

Tree. Report Taken. 

October 14, 12:30 am. Sgt. J Misirian was dispatched to S Mulberry St. for a report of a stolen vehicle taken during today’s early morning hours from the owner, Nava Archie.


October 14, 9:45 pm. Ptl. H.W. Bradburn stopped a vehicle for the registered owner having a suspended driver’s license. An adult male was arrested for OVI and given a citation for DUS FRA. 


October 15, 3:46 am. While one patrol, Ofc. A.L. Gibson made a traffic stop on 74 S I75 on ramp. Traffic citations were issued. A subject was arrested and transported to a Clark County Deputy.

October 16, 4:10 pm. Ptl. K. Duchak initiated a traffic stop. The driver was issued citations for driving under suspension and driving with an expired registration. 

October 18, 12:41 pm. A traffic stop was conducted near Wayne ST. The driver was found to be suspended with multiple felony warrants. The subject was arrested and found to be in possession of drugs and paraphernalia. The subject was incarcerated.

October 18, 9:21 pm. Ptl. K. Duchak, I initiated a traffic stop. The driver was issued citations for driving under suspension and failure to obey a traffic control device.


October 15, 9:30 am. Pt. DJ. Deal responded to Dreary Lane in reference to an assist citizen complaint. After investigation, one adult male has been charged with Burglary and Criminal Damaging.


October 16, 6:16 pm.  A subject was located with a warrant. The subject was arrested and incarcerated in the Miami County Jail for an outstanding warrant.