Police Blotter – Greenville


October 10, 5:30 pm. Sgt. Monnin observed a 2001 Honda Civic being operated eastbound on East Main St. near Wagner Ave. Monnin observed a traffic violation, and a traffic stop was conducted. Through investigation, the driver’s license was found to be suspended, and the vehicle was towed. 

October 14, 12:33 am.  Officer B. Conley and Sgt. Prickett were dispatched to a car accident on Howard Dr. While at the scene, they located the defendant, Sterling Seiler, and determined he was intoxicated and involved in the accident. Seiler was transported from the scene by Greenville Twp Rescue Squat to Wayne Hospital. PO Alan Smith was advised to meet the squad at Wayne to assist as Seiler was becoming disorderly. When Smith approached the ambulance with Seiler inside, Seiler was not making sense and appeared to be rambling with incoherent words. Seiler was rushed into the hospital, was kicking his legs and throwing his body all over the cot he was on. He had a strong odor of alcohol and bloodshot eyes and stated he had been drinking. Seiler was restrained due to kicking at the hospital staff and continued to be belligerent. Smith witnesses Seiler spit at registered nurse Mine Samaan twice. Seiler was issued a citation for disorderly conduct which was enhanced to a misdemeanor of the fourth degree due to the persistence and the offense occurring in the presence of an emergency facility person engaged in the person’s duties in an emergency facility. 

October 14, 1:38 pm. P.O. Archer was dispatched to Wagner Avenue Aldi in reference to found property. Upon arrival, Archer met with complainant/witness Kimberly Land, who was the manager on duty at the time of the property being located. Land advised a customer brought a small black Juicy Couture coin purse and believed the purse contained marijuana based on the odor coming from the bag. Archer was able to open the coin purse and observe a small plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance that had a strong odor of marijuana coming from it. Archer was also able to observe a small plastic baggy containing four prescription pills identified as Alprazolam, two prescription pills identified as Clonazepam, and a small plastic baggy containing a small amount of a crystal-like substance suspected to be methamphetamines. Archer was able to review the video and was not able to observe any individuals that could be definitively linked to the black coin purse. The purse and its contents were taken back to GPD and placed into property to be disposed of. 

October 15, 3:46 pm. P.O. Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to East Fourth Street in reference to an instance of breaking and entering a garage. Upon arrival, Ganiron spoke with complainant/victim Amander Bierly and victim Gary Hannah who stated that on October 15 at approximately 3:30, Hannah noticed one of the garage doors to their garage located at the rear of their residence near the alley appeared to have been pried open and when he entered the garage he found that it appeared someone had attempted to pry open the passenger door of the red 1997 Ford Mustang that was parked inside. Hannah noted the damage to the car, along with two brand-new automotive batteries that had been stolen and new black Dart engine machine heads. At this time there are no suspects and there is no further follow up possible. 

October 16, 9:02 am. P.O. Archer was dispatched to Buckeye Drive in reference to a report of a burglary not in progress. Upon arrival, Archer met with the victim/complainant Don Hope who advised that when he arrived at the residence at approximately 8:30 am, he observed all of his tools to have been taken from the garage and kitchen area of the home. A neighbor stated he did not see anything being taken from the house over the weekend, but he did notice a white four-door vehicle in the driveway on October 14 at approximately 10:00 pm because of a dog inside the vehicle barking. It is unknown at this time exactly how or where entry was made. There are currently no leads or suspects in this case. 

October 16, 3:30 pm. P.O. Archer was flagged over by an elderly female in reference to a black Calvin Klein wallet that she had located at the intersection of Fourth St. and Tecumseh. Archer was able to make contact with the owner of the wallet, Jackie Hamilton, who was able to come to GPD and pick up the wallet. After inspecting the wallet, Hamilton advised that he believed he had approximately $85 in the wallet that was not there. Hamilton advised he believed he dropped the wallet in his driveway at his residence on Greenville – Celina Road and believed his roommate Christopher Clark had picked up the wallet and taken the money out of it. Due to the jurisdiction of the alleged incident, Jackie was advised to make contact with the Darke County Sheriff in reference to theft charges. 

October 17, 10:30 Sgt. Monnin was advised of a traffic offense complaint in Darke County on State Route 571 and Hogpath Road. The complainant advised that a maroon Chevy had just traveled off the roadway, struck something, and continued westbound on State Route 571. Through investigation, Monnin was able to locate that vehicle at approximately 8:40 pm on Martin Street near State Route 57. A traffic stop was made, and the driver was found to be in possession of a suspected controlled substance. The driver was also charged with operating under the influence. 

October 18, 7:56 pm. Sgt. Monnin observed a white 2006 Nissan Altima being operated southbound on Sweitzer Street with an expired registration. A traffic stop was made on the listed vehicle. The operator was confirmed to be Kyle Moore, whose driver’s license was found to be under indefinite suspension through Indiana. Monnin performed a search of the vehicle that found stolen collectible sports cards and Pokemon cards. Kyle also admitted to possession of a THC vape pen and advised he did not have a medical marijuana card. The THC Vape pen was disposed of, and Kyle was given a warning. The vehicle was towed.