Piqua Police Blotter




August 3, 10:58 am. Julie A Jenkins was arrested by J W Heath at Covington Ave. Offenses of Out of County Warrant and Criminal Trespass

August 3, 10:58 am. Ann M Keehan was arrested by J W Heath at Covington Ave. Offenses of Theft, Probation/Parole Violation, Theft without Consent, Possession of Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Criminal Trespass, Possession of Cocaine.

August 3, 6:37 pm. Todd L Garner was arrested by K R Ingle at E Ash St. Offenses of Disorderly Conduct / Intoxicated Creation of Risk of Harm, and Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments.

August 4, 5:19 am. Matthew R Cartonia was arrested by D A Alexander at East St. Offenses of Driving under OVI Suspension, Criminal Damaging, Expired License Plate, Driver not wearing Seatbelt, Expired Operators License, Assault, and Theft.

August 4, 12:26 pm. Dante L Lundy was arrested by W D Weaver at S Downing St. Offenses of Warrant Service, Failure to Appear, Issuance of Warrant, and Nonsupport of Dependents/Child.

August 4, 1:29 pm. Alexis A Evans was arrested by Z Smith at Caldwell St. Offense of Theft.

August 4, 10:24 pm. Colby Blackwell was arrested by M G Ruetenik at Spring St. Offense of Assault / Knowingly Harm Victim.

August 4, 11:16 pm. Cory G Miller was arrested by C D Hargis at Forest Ave. Offenses of Murder and Attempted Aggravated Murder.

August 5, 5:26 am. Walter J Miller was arrested by L T Welbaum at Morrow St. Offense of Disorderly Conduct/Intoxicated Create Risk of Harm.

August 6, 7:03 am. Anthony J Howard was arrested by W D Weaver at Morrow St. Offense of Aggravated Menacing.

August 8, 10:42 am. Noah S Mills was arrested by Z Smith. Offense of theft.

August 8, 5:36 pm. John E Miller was arrested by M G Ruetenik at E Ash St. Offense of Theft Without Consent

August 9, 6:16 pm. Laura J Gade was arrested by J T Yenser at E Ash St. Offense of Theft.

August 9, 6:16 pm. Richard J Walker SR was arrested by J T Yenser at E Ash St. Offense of Theft.

August 9, 10:22 pm. Lisa K Luch was arrested by W D Weaver at S Wayne St. Offense of Driving under Suspension,

August 10, 11:43 pm. Trenton C Grunkemeyer was arrested by J T Yenser at Covington Ave. Offense of Disorderly Conduct, Intoxicated Annoy or Alarm.


August 2, 9:21 am. W Covington Ave. The owner of Ace Hardware wanted to report a theft of a rented item that wasn’t returned. Report taken.


August 2, 12:57 pm. E Ash St. Report of a non-injury crash. Upon arrival at the scene, it was

observed that there was little to no damage. Drivers agreed to sign a crash waiver. The drivers exchanged insurance information and went on their way. Nothing further.


August 2, 2:18 pm. S Main St. & Garnsey St. Officer stopped a vehicle for expired registration. It was found that the owner had new plates for the vehicle that she hadn’t put on. She was advised to put them on today when she got home.


August 3, 10:58 am. Covington Ave. Drug possession. An initial call of trespassing at the address came in. Contact was made with 2 female subjects and 1 male subject. The 2 female subjects were found to have warrants and were arrested. Upon search incident to arrest, drugs were found in the two females’ belongings. Report taken.


August 4, 11:16 pm. Forest Ave. Report of two subject shot. One subject was found to be deceased. Suspect was located and taken into custody. The suspect was charged accordingly.


August 6, 4:15 pm. Officers were dispatched to Forest Ave in reference to a reckless operation

report where a truck was traveling at high rates of speed up and down the road and doing donuts in the field.


August 6, 7:31 pm. Forest Ave.  Report of a subject drinking alcohol at a local park with an open container of alcohol. The male was located with several empty beer cans near him. He was warned for the violation and told to pick up his mess.