New Food Truck – Rolled Hose Creamery – Debuts at “Bash at the Bish”

Rolled Hose Creamery will be a new food truck at upcoming events and one you won't want to miss. (Dale Barger Photo)

GREENVILLE – Over the years we have come to expect a number of specialty food trucks, many that have become favorites at various events in Darke County.  “Bash at the Bish” was the debut of a new food truck called Rolled Hose Creamery.

Rolled Hose Creamery was the idea of Casey Pearson a 2012 Tri-Village High School graduate and volunteer firefighter.  He along with his dad Chris Pearson also a volunteer firefighter worked together customizing the trailer and now are ready to share their creation at future events.

Rolled Ice Cream is all homemade prepared on a cold surface with many flavor options to choose from added in during preparation.  The ice cream mixture is poured on a cold surface and as it begins to set-up is divided into sections then rolled up like a small round hose and then placed into a cup or waffle shell, shaped like a taco. There are also are many different toppings to choose from and of course the optional whipped cream and cherries on top.

Being volunteer firefighters the Pearson’s have rolled up many hoses … but now take on the challenge of rolling up smaller hoses in the form of ice cream which sparked the name “Rolled Hose Creamery”.  The new truck is co-owned by Casey, his wife Roxanne along with parents Chris and Carol Pearson.

Owners of Rolled Hose Creamery; Carol, Chris, Roxanne and Casey Pearson. (Dale Barger Photo)

Getting rolled ice cream is an experience and since it’s homemade and done on a cold metal surface the process takes a few more minutes than having someone dip out of a container or pulling a lever and having soft ice cream flow into a cone.

The smiles on the faces of those who consumed the finished product indicated it was worth the wait.

There are lots of creations already to choose from on the menu or you can come up with your own creation.

Rolled Hose Creamery will be at the fairgrounds in Greenville for the fireworks on July 2nd.  Scan the QR code below on the menu to get more information and see future events they will be attending.

Plenty of options to choose from off the menu or choose your own.