Mercer County Sheriff’s Office to strictly enforce traffic laws amid complaints


CELINA—Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey reported today that his office has been receiving numerous complaints of traffic violations occurring throughout Mercer County. Deputies have been doing extra patrol in these high complaint areas, looking for traffic violations such as speeding, running stop signs, and driver inattention. Sheriff Grey explains that the Sheriff’s Office has received grant monies for traffic enforcement and deputies will be assigned to focus their efforts in these areas.

One of the complaint areas in particular would be St Anthony Rd, between Coldwater Creek Rd and SR 118. It is believed that the drivers would either be traveling to or from Tri-Star during the day.

Sheriff Grey is asking parents of Tri-Star students to speak to their children about safe driving habits. Since the beginning of the school year the Sheriff’s Office has received numerous traffic complaints involving Tri-Star students. The complaints received have been speeding, racing other vehicles, running stop signs, rolling through stop signs, and driver inattention.

The Sheriff’s Office and Tri Star Administration work closely together to curb bad driving habits. Traffic citations results in students having to go to Juvenile Court, and also having their driving privileges to drive to school suspended by Tri-Star.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue traffic enforcement in the high complaint areas. Excessive speeding, stop sign violations and erratic driving will be strictly enforced with citations issued. The goal is for everyone to be safe on the roadways, said Sheriff Grey.