Main Street Greenville Mural Committee call for mural art submissions


Main Street Greenville Mural Committee is currently seeking mural design submissions from Ohio-based artists.

Greenville, nestled in the heart of western Ohio, is excited to announce our call for mural designs as part of our ongoing endeavor to revitalize downtown. Following the triumph of our previous installations, we are embarking on the next phase of our multi-year mural program.

In 2023, the Main Street Greenville Mural Committee (MSGMC) began to unveil an array of vibrant murals. Ranging from a large 50 by 20-foot installation to smaller, yet equally impactful designs, these murals have become iconic features of our downtown area.

We invite artists to submit their designs for consideration in our upcoming mural installations. Various locations throughout downtown have been identified for murals, ranging from expansive installations to more intimate locations.

MSGMC is seeking two-dimensional designs reflecting our community’s values and may encompass themes such as art, nature, community, and local history. Other design themes are welcomed. All designs must be community- and family-friendly and not include any content that violates the copyrights owned by others. Please include a brief artist statement and description of your design’s themes and intentions with your submission.

Our focus on this round of murals is on printed murals utilizing vinyl “wrap” installations. Through experience, MSGMC has learned there are significant advantages to this process and plans to continue using this process for this round of murals. MSGMC will be considering painted mural designs at a time in the near future.

This call is for designs to be printed vinyl wrap murals, not painted murals. If you are submitting a non-digital design, be fully aware your design will be converted to a digital format, which maintains the original design, color, brushstrokes, and other “hand of the artist” touches and installed as a printed vinyl mural. If you have any questions about the digital conversion process, please submit your questions in email prior to submitting your design.

This call for submissions is a great opportunity for digital artists to have their work displayed as murals.

Here’s how the selection process will work:

Phase 1: Call for Submissions by 11:59 PM (EDT) April 9, 2024. Artists will submit images (.JPG, .PDF formats) of their design, their name, email address, a brief artist bio, a brief statement of their concept and design, and an acknowledged agreement to the selection process and digital printed format for the murals.

Phase 2: MSGMC, composed of Main Street Greenville staff, board members, community representatives, and professional artists, will review the submissions. A strict rubric will be followed in the evaluation and scoring of the designs.

Phase 3: MSGMC will pair designs with available mural locations downtown. Designs will be assigned to “canvases” based on overall design, aesthetics, and location.

Phase 4: Selected artists will be contacted to propose schedules and final budgets, entering a “work for hire” contract with Main Street Greenville. The work for hire contract will include a stipend at fair market value for professional arts. The stipend fee covers the artist fee for the design and for some murals rights to Main Street Greenville to use the design and images of the installed mural for print and online media and merchandising (postcards, t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and other items.) All proceeds of marketing and merchandise sales go to Main Street Greenville to help fund future murals.

Join us in transforming Main Street Greenville into a vibrant canvas celebrating our community’s spirit and creativity! For further information and inquiries, please contact Main Street Greenville Mural Committee at with “Mural Call 2024” in the subject line.

Let’s make Main Street Greenville shine brighter together! To submit,