Looking for Impactful Ripplers


Looking for Impactful Ripplers!

My County Link is looking for their next Impactful Ripplers! 

What is an Impactful Rippler? 

An Impactful Rippler is someone who initiates ripples of positive change within their community. Any citizen of any age from any local county can be nominated for the Impactful Rippler Award. 

This was started by My County Link’s VP of Sales, Tonya Keller, who says her main goal has always been to bring the community together. 

“While my position is in sales, I love uplifting people and sharing their stories,” Keller said. “It’s a great way for people to be inspired and to help the cause. This is a program that we look forward to growing each year. We will need the community’s support to highlight those who have made a positive impact.”

Know someone who makes a difference and ripples positive change in the community? Fill out the nomination form here: https://mycountylink.com/impactful-rippler-nomination/

Meet the previous recipients of this award on the Impactful Rippler page on our website: https://mycountylink.com/impactfulrippler/

Contact Tonya Keller at tkeller@mycountylink.com for further information or any questions you may have. 

Help us recognize someone doing good for their community!