Local businesses honor Veterans with Memorial Day meal

This means everything to the Veterans ... Greenville Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Rod Saylor

Local business provide free Memorial Day meals for Veterans and spouses. (Chris Norris photo)

GREENVILLE – Greenville American Legion Post 140 held its Annual Memorial Day Free Lunch for local Veterans and spouses before the Memorial Day Parade through downtown Greenville. Services followed at the Greenville Union Cemetery for local Veterans and spouses sponsored by nine businesses and families.

Greenville’s Vietnam Veteran Don Dietrich is served a free Memorial Day meal at Greenville American Legion Post 140. (Jim Troutwine photo)

“This means everything to the Veterans,” said Greenville Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and Greenville Honor Guard member Rod Saylor. “Getting the community support and Eric Fee and the business that support the event is so much appreciated.”

“I know the Veterans appreciate it so much and the families also appreciate it,” Saylor added.

“It’s a group of us, I’m just a cog in the wheel,” said Tribute Funeral Homes’ Eric Fee. “We have a bunch of local businesses coming together because we wouldn’t be here obviously without our Veterans – they’re thanking us but this is just a small little thing we can do for them.”

Local businesses and families provide Memorial Day meal for local Veterans. (Chris Norris photo)

Fee took time to show his appreciation for the Greenville Honor Guard.

“We appreciate everything they do and as a part of the community at the funeral home,” Fee stated. “When we have the Honor Guard participate, I’ve had Honor Guards in big cities and they’re not as good as ours.”

Greenville American Legion Post 140 Honor Guard transportation. (Chris Norris photo)

“Darke County is top notch and I mean that,” Fee continued. “I’ve had them. Our local Honor Guard is amazing.”

“We love doing this meal for the local Veterans,” Fee concluded. “We have a good number of sponsors. We appreciate our Veterans.”

Tribute Funeral Home’s Eric and Kristin Fee and Radiant Lighthouse Church helped provide Memorial Day meals for Veterans. (L-R) Eric Fee holding granddaughter Lorelai Dearing, Hershel Fee, Radiant Lighthouse Church Pastor, and Kristin Fee. (Chris Norris photo)

Sponsors include Tribute Funeral Homes, Winner’s Meat Farm, Radiant Lighthouse Church, Beanz Buttercream Cakery and Eatery, Greenville Eikenberry’s IGA, Fitzwater Outdoor Maintenance, Wintrow’s Signs and Designs, Chuck & Vickie Wilcox, Dudley & Sharon Lipps.

Memorial Day 2024 Greenville American Legion Post 140 host’s Veterans meals. (Jim Troutwine photo)