Life’s Reflections: Happy Thanksgiving From Our Home to Yours

Many out there will be seeing this type of food on Thursday; however, I'm a slacker and am going to fix a much lighter meal for my son and myself. He wants lasagna and I'm going to try and make a couple of other sides dishes.

My son, Jamie, and I would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. It’s also my sister Brenda Norton’s birthday, which happens to fall on Thanksgiving every so many years.

I have a photo accompanying my column showing a table full of Thanksgiving goodies because it will not compare to my spread that day. Jamie wanted to have lasagna again. He prefers that over turkey, and that’s okay.

I don’t mind preparing it. Instead of baking it, I put it in the crockpot and let it do its thing.

So, I am thankful for his suggestion once again. I have also been thinking about preparing a salad, perhaps making pickled beets and eggs, and having a pie either baked or store-bought…probably the latter.

It’s basically going to be just me and him again, and that’s fine. We like each other and enjoy each other’s company.

There are so many other things I am thankful for this year. I am so grateful that I have met so many people and do miss the ones who have gone before us; that I have my child, my siblings, and other relatives and friends; that we are in good health; that we live in this country; that I have had a wonderful career in journalism; and that we have a choice of worship and, for us, that means God and His son Jesus.

It seems like there are a lot of congratulatory things happening lately in the area.

I first want to wish a former co-worker, Tony Ruble, who said, after 50 years of working at seven different daily newspapers and two corporate offices, from Ohio to Kansas City, has retired.

This photo was borrowed from Tony Ruble’s Facebook site. He is retiring from a successful career in journalism.

“It all started in August of ’73 at the little ole Greenville Daily Advocate and ended in Pittsburgh, Pa., at the home of those hated Steelers and Pirates. Now it’s all about grandkids, staying up late, sleeping in and doing whatever I want (and what Bonnie wants) AND no more 3:30 am alarm clock.”

His wife, the former Bonnie Horner, also of Darke County, and Tony, if I’m not mistaken, both worked at the newspaper, and that’s where they met. She is a second cousin to me on my mother’s side of the family. I remember when their first child, Aaron, was born while they were still in  Darke County.

Now, there are more children and even grandchildren.

I wish him the best of luck in his future. I know he likes sporting events, and especially the Cincinnati Reds. And he really loves his family, and they do a lot together, according to photos he shares on Facebook.

I wanted to message this to him but wanted it to be a surprise for him because he said he still reads my column, now on My County Link.

Here is what he sent back to me when I congratulated him: Thanks, I read your column every Monday morning from my desk, guess I’ll read it on my phone now, LOL.”
You do that, Tony, stay in touch.

I also want to congratulate all of the Ansonia sports teams for their hard work and big wins this year.

Also, kudos to the students who do academically well in their respective endeavors.

All of them make us proud.


Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Martha Billenstein Allread and Roger Keller.

Please pray for these people: Kara Didier, Carl Francis, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Sonny Custer, Betty Burnfield, Dan Lockhart, Roberta Hall, Pam Norman-Penticuff, Kelly Kelch, Michelle Coppess Hiestand, Mike Mayse, Greg Moody, Kelly Jo Eikenberry (kidney transplant) and son Allen (donor), Larry Linder, Steve Waymire, Allison “Ally” Miller, Grace Boyd, Jeff Brocious, Jamie Knick, Jenny Pitman, Nikole Baldridge, Chester Bryant, Melinda (Batten) Stacy, Michelle Young,  Margaret Hoening, Manual Macias, Kathy McNutt Dapore, Lester Beisner, Delores Beisner, Kermit Foureman, Chuck “C.W.” Cruze, Mark Lovejoy.

Also, Connie Buemi Hodson, Michelle Grottle Wright, Judy York, Donald Booker, Dennis Leeper, Connie Stachler, Randy Heck, Ronnie Norton, Jeremy “Jerm” Burke, Gary Eichler, David Pretzman, Clinton Randall, Ralph Byrd, Doug Winger, Rusty Maloy, Debbie Mayse, Sonja and Dan Coppess, Jeanie Francis, Harvey Hinshaw, Bruce Kaiser, Amanda Mote, Gary Francis, Anthony and Theresa Grillot, Lee Everhart, Paul Gigandet, Doug Whittington, Tracy Pratt, D’Arleen Waymire, Zach Urbancic,  John Rimmer, Joan Keen, Carol Hemmerich, Larry P. Fitzwater, Jim Thomas, Neal Gray, Michael Mowery, Kenny Edwards, Judie Hathaway, Ned and Brenda Wallace, Rick Marker, Randy Garrison, Jannie Barrow, Kathy Gragorace, Danny Foster, Becky Everhart, Becky Oliver, Steve Neff, James Enicks,  Cathy Collins Peters, Donna Bixler, Linda Subler, Sally Burnett Ganger, Jeff Baltes,  Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses.


Happy birthday:  
Nov. 22 to Jeff Brocious, Sherri Gibbons Feitshans, Brandon Liette, John Guttadore, and Paul Mueller.
Nov. 23 to Dennis Soward.
Nov. 24 to Brenda Moody Norton, Michael Elleman, Carol Labig, Janet Kammer, Jennifer Hollinger, Onneke Edwards, Riley Miller, Madison Hathaway, Carol Brown Bertke, Kathy Stone Brewer, Trella Bole, Kathy Allread Weaver and Joy Thompson.
Nov. 25 to Karen Burkett, Dustin Schmidt, and Rick Clear.
Nov. 26 to Zhewanda Riffell, Bill Edwards, Sandy Bohman, Brad Freeman, Susan Robinson, and Tim Harless.
Nov. 27 to Kara Didier, Mindy Ward, Mike Appleman II, Susan Bowman Castle, Linda Holden, Becky Clifton, Harvey Hinshaw, Charles Chapman, Exzavier Moody,
Nov. 28 to Dan Schipfer, Jadilyn Snyder, Lara Brunner, and Penny Palmer.
Happy anniversary to Randy and Bev Garrison and Paul and Elaine Mueller, all on Nov. 23, and Ed and Kay Curry on Nov. 27.


Think about it: “The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for.” – Norman Vincent Peale.