Life’s Reflections: Ansonia gets new police chief: John B. Puckett

Ansonia's new police chief, John Puckett, spent much of his first days in his new office organizing things. Here he is checking out information in one of his books he has on file. (Linda Moody photo)

There’s a new face in town, and by town, I mean Ansonia.

Yes, upon the retirement of Police Chief Frank Shapiro a couple of months ago, the village council named John Puckett the new police chief.

I had the opportunity to interview him last week after some “chasing down.” I was doing the chasing, so I wasn’t in trouble.

Yes, I saw him pull into the Ansonia Food Mart one morning, and while I was waiting for my son Jamie to go into the business, a fellow stepped out of the police car. I approached him and asked him if he was our new chief, and he said yes, with a big smile on his face.

I asked him if I could interview him, and he agreed. However, I wasn’t available that week, and he agreed that we could do it the following week.

Since I was not sure when he wanted to do it, I figured I would call him one afternoon when I finished with what I had on my agenda. To my surprise, when I was traveling through Ansonia en route to another neighboring town, I saw the cruiser at a local restaurant. I wanted to hurry and get back home so I could call him before he left town for the day, so when I returned to Ansonia that day, I saw the police cruiser pulling into the police station, and I followed right in behind him.

We each got out of our vehicles, and there was that smile once again and we set the time and date up to get the interview finished.

Whew! I am glad he agreed to it.

I showed up at his office on the day and time we set. He willingly answered my questions, and I could tell he is going to be an asset to this community. He seems genuinely interested in small towns and the people in them.

This is his sixth law enforcement assignment, but you will read that in his article when it appears soon on My County Link.

I want to welcome him to Ansonia, where I’ve lived most of my life. I think residents will find out that he is a kind young man who knows what he’s doing. At least, that’s what I got out of our conversation.

He even has a sense of humor, but I’m sure he could get serious in certain situations. And that’s his job, right?

Good luck here in Ansonia and Darke County, Chief Puckett!


Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Pete Trocano, Steve Didier, Ed Minnich, Carol Ball,  William  Alexander, Richard Sommer, Delorse Mote, and Patricia Haines.


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