Life’s Reflections: Another sibling retires with longevity, well wishes

For the lack of a better word, I "stole" this photo off of Brenda's Facebook page. It was taken, of course, in recognition of her retirement at Family Health Services. (Complimentary photo)

GREENVILLE—I can’t believe our baby sister, Brenda Norton, has retired. It can’t be.

She is so much younger than my brother, sister and me.

But she recently did it. And, was honored by her fellow co-workers at Family Health Services, where she worked for more than 30 years.

I knew she was planning on retiring but didn’t know it until I saw the post on Facebook, so it was sort of a surprise, a pleasant one.

I’m proud of her and I am glad she can spend time now doing things she didn’t get to do while working. She, my sister Bev and myself have already visited our only surviving aunts at their respective facilities, D’Arleen Waymire at Village Green, and June Moody at Brethren Retirement Community, and plan to possibly do more visitations with others we’re related to or have become friends with.

Here we all are, without the late Lee Jr. Moody, patriarch of the family, at a Christmas celebration in 2018. Shown are seated from left, Bev Brumbaugh, Bea (Riffell) Moody and Ron Moody; and standing, Brenda Norton and yours truly. (Family photo)

Brenda already spends a lot of time with her family, but I’m sure she will do so even more.
My brother, Ron Moody, had retired from Fram quite a few years ago; sister Bev Brumbaugh from Mercer Health on March 8 last year; and myself, semi-retired from news reporting and still working part-time at My County Link.

Most people know that we three older ones were all born on the same day a year apart, May 6 (never mind the years but they were three consecutive ones) and Brenda came along almost a decade later on Nov. 24 and decided to have her wedding day on May 6, so Dan can remember, I’m assuming. Her wedding date is 5-6-78. Clever, huh? What an honor for us older siblings.

Brenda is shown with husband, Dan Norton, cruising on a picnic table across Rick Moody’s pond near Ansonia in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary five years ago. Rick, not shown, was captain of the “vehicle.” (Linda Moody photo)

Yes, she was our little sister and she was a quick learner. I couldn’t believe how well at her age she learned how to play different card games and board games. It was fun having her do things with us.

When I hear that she really knew her job at Family Health, I don’t doubt it. And, her sparkling personality had to be a big plus for co-workers, patients, other family members and friends.

I know I am prejudice, but she was a welcome gift on her birth. We all loved her.

When her announcement came on Facebook, I shared her post and received lots and lots of well-wishes from people. I went to look them up on my site and they’re gone and I don’t know where…. probably somewhere in the abyss of life’s technical realm.

I will share a few that I did see and hope she doesn’t get upset. Here they are:

Rachael Hughes wrote, “Brenda Norton, where do I begin! I’ve only had the pleasure of working with you a little over three years and the impact I witnessed you leave on our patients and staff during that time is immeasurable. I can’t imagine all you’ve done in the past 30 years. You’re amazing and I hope you enjoy retirement. You deserve this! Thank you for your friendship.”

Family Health Services itself mentioned, “Thank you for doing your part and fulfilling our mission of building healthy lives together!”

Crystal Branham Horne had this to say, “She was truly the best. My Aunt B always adored her. If I ever had a question, she knew the answer. She will be missed. Best wishes for the next chapter!”

Oh, it makes me want to tear up.

But, I know she will have a great future. She loves her family, which includes not only Dan, but three daughters and their significant others, six grandchildren, and soon-to-be first great-grandchild.

Mom and Dad would be so proud, because, like Brenda says, she was their favorite. And, I do believe that! She reminds us occasionally.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Shelia Dull, Natalie Carol Lee, Lavonne May Sharp, Leon Shepherd, Barbara Hole and Steven Brian Reser.
Please pray for these people: Dennis Leeper, Ronnie Norton, Jeremy “Jerm” Burke, Albert Duncan, Bev Brumbaugh, Gary Eichler, David Pretzman, Clinton Randall, Abby Heck, Linda Lore, Ralph Byrd, Beverly McCabe Baker, Doug Winger, Rusty Maloy, Debbie Mayse, Sonja and Dan Coppess, Jeanie Francis, Noah Back, Mary Moran, Harvey Hinshaw, Bruce Kaiser, Angie Brown, Nikole Baldridge, Amanda Mote, Tom Moody, Gary Francis, Anthony and Theresa Grillot, Lee Everhart, Paul Gigandet, Doug Whittington, Tracy Pratt, Kinley Bernard, D’Arleen Waymire, Tish Hodson Shepherd, Zach Urbancic.
Also, Sharon Gamster, Connie Stachler, Rick Libert, Harold Libert, Randy Heck, John Rimmer, Joan Keen, Carol Hemmerich, Sharon Hummel, Dave Hinshaw, Larry P. Fitzwater, Jim Thomas, Neal Gray, Michael Mowery, Debbie Mayse, Kenny Edwards, Judie Hathaway, Della Burch, Ned and Brenda Wallace, Connie Buemi Hodson, Rick Marker, Randy Garrison, Steve Waymire, Warren Menchhofer, Kenton Turner, Gary Knick, Karen Hecht, Jannie Barrow, Kathy Gragorace, Danny Foster, Noella Combs, Clay Sheffer, Becky Everhart, Marie Rieman, Becky Oliver, Jayden Martin, Jeff Rider, Stefani Priest, Steve Neff, James Enicks, Joann Freeman, Cathy Collins Peters, Donna Bixler, Vanna Hannam, Linda Subler, Roger McEowen, Jerri Barber, Sally Burnett Ganger, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Judy Hoffman and daughter Shelly, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses.
Happy birthday:
Feb. 22 to Jay Schricker, Jack Lovejoy, Lyn Bliss and Janice Osterloh.
Feb. 23 to Jerome Dotson, Barb Teaford and JoEllen Melling.
Feb. 24 to Jessica Riffle, Ed Huff Jr., Terry Holden, Stefanie Zumbrun, Harold Rismiller and Clair Monnin.
Feb. 25 to Amber Godwin, Roselynn Widener, Linda Wappelhorst, Glenna Broomhall, Michelle Dickey-Black, Bill Collins, Amy Fulk, Dr, Brad Bruns and Angie Stewart.
Feb. 26 to Joey Schmitmeyer, Amy Addis, Julie Monnin, Hope Brodrick and Dane Ganger.
Feb. 27 to Sherry Baker, Nick Hahn, Nancy Eardley and Brenda Reichard.
Feb. 28 to Jessie Sink Penka, Tami Liette, Judy Byers, Joby Hollinger and Bill Brown.
I know Leap Year won’t be officially celebrated this year, but I want to mention those who I know that are born on Feb. 29. They are Liz Esarey, Jeff Cole, Craig Ganger, Susi Lawrence Thompson and Janis Combs.

Happy anniversary to Gary and Judy Middleton on Feb. 22.

Think about it: “Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; and working together is success.”–Author Unknown.