From the Sidelines


For the second time this year, Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan football coach, and his staff are accused of significant rules infractions.  In January, the NCAA sent a notice of allegations, a level 1 violation for failing to cooperate with investigators, and level 2 violations for hosting recruits during the Covid 19 dead period, using too many coaches at practice, and watching player workouts over video feed.  Michigan imposed a 3 game suspension on the coach, yet could still see more fallout from these violations.   This time, according to SI.com, the Wolverines have been illegally scouting opposing games in person, and potentially committing other violations with regard to relaying information about the opponent’s signals.

The story has now taken another turn, this time naming the staff member alleged to be at the point on this, analyst Connor Stalions, a retired Marine captain, whose role is to decipher opponent’s signals.  Several Big Ten staffs, including Ohio State, have said they were aware of the alleged sign stealing and even took countermeasures to ensure their plays weren’t known by the opponent.  One coach confronted the analyst, “We know what kind of s*** you are doing, and it’s f****** up!” Since the ESPN report, Stalions has deleted all his social media accounts.

Of course, Harbaugh has denied any knowing of any of this.  That seems like all he does when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I know some of you will say I hate Michigan, I don’t, but I think it is beyond credibility to assume he knows nothing, making him dumber than Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame!  Consider this: let’s assume this is all true.  So Jim Harbaugh has a member of his staff, that he knows nothing about, who is cheating and stealing signals.  Secondly, why would this guy be on staff, doing this, if Mr. Harbaugh wasn’t planning on using the information, in full knowledge of the violations he is violating?  Makes no sense, does it?

For the last several years, rumors have circulated about Harbaugh wanting an NFL job. All the while denying it all.  The question now is what happens next?  If this is all true, how can Harbaugh stay?  I would imagine by now, the administration is getting fed up with the constant NCAA probes.  Jim Harbaugh, nor is any coach, worth this type of aggravation and degradation he is bringing to a storied program. Does he think he is above the rules? Do they not apply to him? This is yet to be determined, and the next few weeks should be very interesting. This just begs the question though; IS JIM HARBAUGH CROOKED, OR STUPID … OR BOTH!  That’s the way I see it……from the sidelines.