Hittles GMC no longer Buick dealership


GREENVILLE—As of Tuesday, Hittles GMC, of Greenville, is no longer a Buick dealership.

Due to GMC’s plans of transitioning all Buicks to electric vehicles in the next three to four years, the company has reduced the number of Buick dealerships around the country.

Owner Jeff Hittle said GMC came to him about seven or eight months ago, and offered him a significant buyout to be one of the many GMC dealerships dropping Buick.

“GMC just wanted to really reduce the amount of Buick dealers in the country,” he said.
“They offered every Buick dealer a buyout, we didn’t just lose Buick. We’re not the only ones. A lot of Buick dealers took this buyout.”

They offered the buyout to dealers due to the reduced volume. Hittle added that it wouldn’t make sense for them to sell an electric Buick.

“If it’s three or four years from now, and all we have in Buick is electric vehicles, I really don’t see us selling them,” he said. “Could we sell some? Yes. Very many? I don’t see the volume being there, not for a long time.”

Although they dropped Buick, Hittle reassured they aren’t going anywhere, and will still service Buick customers.

“The people we recently sold Buicks, we’re still a GM dealer,” he said. “We can do all of their warranties still. Nothing has changed.”

Hittles GMC is located at 1270 Sweitzer St, Greenville. For more information, call 937-548-1147, or check out their website.