Hey Alex, I’ve got wishes too!

From the Sidelines


In the most recent “Shots in the Darke” column, my friend and compatriot Alex Warner, (a really good writer by the way!), had wishes instead of resolutions for the New Year. Apparently, he has not had much success with Resolutions.  Well, I’m with ya brother!  So, stealing the idea from Alex, I decided to add a list of wishes that I want in the New Year, so here goes:

I wish that Greenville and Darke County continue to grow and prosper. We are lucky to live here, and I want to continue its prosperity.

I also wish for this to be a fair and uneventful election year. No drama, no voting allegations, no wondering if things are on the up and up.

I wish that the Greenville Football and Basketball teams can finally, finally, have the perfect combination of Board support, A.D. support, Coaching, and athlete enthusiasm and off season training that it takes to win.  We have had it before, we can get it again.

I wish all the athletic teams in Darke County, especially those teams not considered the big 2 (football, Basketball) their continued success.  I don’t know if you have noticed, but we have some darn good athletes in our other sports, boys and girls, that are doing us all proud and they need to supported like we all support the big 2!

I wish all the new mayors and elected officials good luck and continuing the success, and fixing the problems that are in the County.  We have good people here, they can do the job!

I wish my golf game gets better now that I am almost completely bionic. After both shoulders, both knees and a right hip replacement due to osteoarthritis, I just have one hip to go…….

Which leads me to this wish, I hope my other hip holds out for at least another year!

I wish people will be more happy, cheerful and proud of where they live.  We hear an awful lot about the bad here, but there is far more good that needs to be sounded off about, and to be proud of.

I wish that we can finally get some more affordable housing for people. I think that is the one thing holding up a lot of progress, and we have people who can make it happen, if the conditions are right.

I wish people knew how hard Gaylen Blosser and Dale Barger have worked to make My County Link a success.  They are truly unsung heroes who bring you more local news and sports than any other source.

I wish my columns will make you smile, laugh, think, and in some cases anger you, but I want everyone to think about them, consider my point, agree or disagree and most of all, just enjoy them!

Finally, I wish that everyone can enjoy their life and retirement as much as I have. I know I post a lot of dumb stuff on facebook, but I love making people laugh, and smile, and remember the good things I try to do.  I love people, and wishing the best for them comes naturally to me.  I do wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(P.S.- thanks for the idea Alex!)