Hein stepping down, effective Dec. 31


GREENVILLE— Darke County Common Pleas Judge Jonathan P. Hein announced to court staff and colleagues on Monday morning that he will not run for reelection this fall.

The biggest factor in his decision was timing.

“The staff is in a really good place,” Judge Hein said. “This place runs well. The probation department, the court staff, they know what they’re doing, and they have a good sense of mission. It’s a good time to change the leadership because there’s good people around them. The next judge is going to need seasoned, experienced people to have a chance to do what’s right, to manage the court and to make good decisions.”

Although he’s stepping down as judge, he will not be retiring.

“Have you ever heard the story that, sharks die when they don’t swim?” He asked. “Sharks don’t have gills. They can’t stay stationary and still live. I’m that way. I still need to keep moving, there are still things to do. Likely, I’ll be landing on my feet doing something else, maybe retired, visiting judge work. There are opportunities to do that kind of work.”

There’s a lot of wisdom in not staying too long, Judge Hein added.

“I don’t have a health issue, there’s no crisis out there,” he said. “It’s better to go out when you’re strong, than when you’re weak. It’s better to pick the time to leave, than to have a time picked for you.”

Judge Hein joined the court in Jan. 1999. His final term ends Dec. 31, 2022.

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