Happy Mother’s Day!


GREENVILLE—Happy Mother’s Day from all at My County Link!

The moms in your life probably don’t get enough credit.

Whether you are a mom, aunt, grandmother, best friend, or you’re a mother yourself, she no doubt puts in plenty of work.

While, obviously, they deserve our appreciation everyday, there’s no better time to go above and beyond with you thanks than on Mother’s Day.

There are roughly 82.5 million mothers in the United States, more than 2 billion worldwide and approximately 4.3 babies are born every second.

About 2% of those US mothers have adopted.

Moms work hard everyday for their families.

The average mom changes approximately 7,300 diapers by the time her baby reaches age two.

As the first woman they ever know, it’s not surprising that mother and child often have a special bond. In fact, the fetal heart races faster when hearing its mother’s voice vs. a stranger’s voice.

A mother’s voice also eases older children’s stress just as much as a real-life hug. The sound of mom’s voice lowers a child’s stress hormone, cortisol, and raises their level of oxytocin, a hormone linked with love and bonding.

Approximately 122 million calls are made on the second Sunday of May. Plus, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants.

Be sure to give the mothers in your life a call, or take them out to show how special they are to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!