Greenville Police Blotter November 1 – November 16 2023


November 1, 5:41 pm. Sgt. Monnin was dispatched to Wagner Avenue Hibbett Sports. The complainant advised that a female in a red coat came into the store and stole two pairs of shoes. Monnin searched the area and located the female, made contact with her, and asked for identification. She identified herself as Jessica Jillson. Jillson admitted to taking the shoes from the Hibbett Sports Store without paying. Jillson was cited for the theft and the shoes were returned to the store. 

November 6, 2:32 pm. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to the Greenville Police Department in reference to a theft report. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Barry Riddle, who stated he received a notification from his bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, that someone tried to pull out $2000 using his debit card number at a Marathon station. Riddle advised he wanted to report the incident and filled out a statement and a victim’s rights form. After speaking to Riddle, Kreitzer went to the Marathon station to check their camera footage. The footage showed no one using the ATM. The clerk advised there were no $200 transactions inside the store all day and that if a transaction was declined at a pump, the pump would not have any record of the transaction. Kreitzer gave the clerk contact information and advised that if she was able to find a $200 transaction, to reach out. 

November 7, 1:37 pm. Sgt. Benjamin Boyer was dispatched to Broadway Street in reference to an injury accident involving a Durango and a motorcycle. Boyer spoke with the driver of the Durango, Nikki Rowley, and front seat passenger, Judith Hoskins who stated that they were leaving the Maid-Rite parking lot facing west waiting to enter North Broadway Street.  Nikki stated that she looked both ways and it was clear so she proceeded onto North Broadway Street, crossing the northbound lanes.  At that time, Nikki stated that she saw the listed motorcycle coming from her left and tried to get out of the way but the motorcycle slammed into her driver’s side.  Judith stated that she also did not see the motorcycle. Nikki and Judith stated that they were okay and refused medical treatment. Boyer spoke with several witnesses, Kathy Stryker, Edward Ault, and Paige Sloan who all stated that the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed and came out of nowhere.  They stated that the motorcycle was traveling northbound on North Broadway Street passing stopped vehicles that were in the curb lane for Maid-Rite when it struck the driver’s side of the Durango that pulled out from the Maid-Rite parking lot.  Kathy, Edward, and Paige completed written statements. Greenville FD and Greenville Twp. Rescue responded to the scene and treated Cole who was subsequently flown by CareFlight for his injuries. 

November 8, 9:36 pm. Sgt. Monnin was dispatched with Officer Ganiron to Armstrong Street in reference to a trespass complaint. Complainant Heather Bragg advised that someone had been on her porch multiple times. Bragg believed thought it may have been her duplex neighbor, Barry Robertson, and advised she wanted Barry trespassed from her property. Monnin and Ganiron made contact with Barry, who was extremely belligerent and would not listen to what we had to say. Robertson was cursing and yelling loudly on his front porch. Finally, they were able to explain to Barry that he was being trespassed from Bragg’s property. While on scene Barry continued to exit his residence yelling and cursing very loudly. Barry was also outside kicking his vehicle causing big dents in the sides of the vehicle. While speaking to Barry, Monnin could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. Barry was warned for Disorderly Conduct. Barry was cited for M4 Disorderly reference to his persistent behavior. Barry was also cited for Nuisance Abatement in reference to him having been served with one on March 20, 2023. Barry also has two prior convictions for Nuisance Abatement since he was served. This charge is a M1. 

November 9, 9:41 am. P.O. William Daugherty was dispatched to West Main St. Greenville PD in reference to found property. Upon arrival, dispatch advised that Aaron Keaser found the listed Guatemalan identification card, EBT card, and health insurance cards, belonging to Clarisa Yusmari on the sidewalk in front of Teaford’s Pizza. No name matching the owner of the found property for safekeeping. 

November 9, 2:02 pm. P.O. William Daugherty was dispatched to Emmett B Smith Park, East Fort Street, in reference to found property. Upon arrival, Daugherty made contact with the complainant, Mary Bergman, who advised she found a Ford car key and key fob on the bike path near Emmett B Smith Park. The set of keys do not have any identifiers for the owner. Vickie Herrick called GPD dispatch and stated the keys found were hers. She described the keys to identify them. Upon her arrival, the keys opened a black Ford F-150 registered to her husband. The keys were signed over to Vickie and returned to her. 

November 10, 10:28 am. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to Marion Drive in reference to a theft not in progress. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Sheila Bradburn who advised she received a call from Affirm, a credit card company, who advised her she had a credit card opened in her name and that she was late on a payment. Sheila stated she advised Affirm she did not open the card; Affirm advised her the card had been used to buy a cricket cell phone, Affirm advised Sheila to file a police report. Sheila called Affirm in Kreitzer’s presence in an attempt to gather more information, but they refused to disclose any.  Kreitzer collected a statement and victim’s right form from Sheila and advised Sheila to contact the GPD if Affirm reaches out to her with further information. 

November 11, 2:05 pm. P.O. Kreitzer was dispatched to Gray Avenue in reference to a Welfare Check on a one-year-old child. Upon arrival, Contact was made with Carries Swink. Dispatched advised that Carrie had a warrant through Greenville for failure to appear for a driving under suspension sentencing. Carrie was placed in handcuffs and placed in the back seat of the cruiser. P.O. Hall and P.O. Daugherty advised that the child checked okay. The residence appeared to be clean, and the child had food and water. Carries was transported to the Darke County Jail and released to Jail staff. 

November 12, 12:44 pm. P.O. Conley and P.O. Kreitzer arrived at Eleventh Street in reference to a wanted person. Upon arrival, they made contact with Steve White, who advised Emily Newman was inside and invited them inside the residence. Dispatched advised Emily had a Felony warrant out of Montgomery County for aggravated possession of drugs. Emily was placed in handcuffs. Emily advised she was defecating herself and needed to go to the hospital. Emily was placed in the backseat of the cruiser and transported to Wayne Healthcare. Emily was seen and cleared by medical staff and then transported to the Darke County Jail and released to Jail staff. 

November 14, 12:35 pm. While on patrol on Hidden Ave and Twelfth St. P.O. Aaron Hall observed a black lab and a black lab-pug mix running across the road. Hall got out and attempted to get close to the dogs but was unsuccessful. Both dogs eventually ran down the block and went towards the back of a residence on Gray Ave. After several attempts, they were able to get the dogs placed into the backyard. Jenifer York, resident and owner of the dogs arrived back at the residence. York was issued a warning by Ben Cobley on 11/5/23 for the dogs at large. Hall issued a citation to York for failure to control the dog. York was advised of her court date. 

November 15, 6:00 am. P.O. Aaron Hall was flagged over on E Fourth Street in reference to recovered property. Donald Reynolds handed Hall a black Cash App Visa Debit card belonging to Misty Markland. Contact was unable to be made to Markland. The card was placed into property for safekeeping until Markland can be located.  

November 16, 5:47 pm. Sgt. Monnin observed Damon Dickey, who was known to have an active Felony Warrant. Through LEADS/NCIC Damon was confirmed to have a Felony Warrant through the Darke County Sheriff’s Office for drug possession. In a search, Damon was found to have a hypodermic syringe and a small piece of aluminum foil. Damon was transported to Darke County Jail and released to staff. The syringe and foil were disposed of safely.