Greenville man continues to donate blood after nearly 80 years

Ivan with wife Clara in their home at BRC.

GREENVILLE—The first time Ivan Patterson, 95, donated blood, was in 1945.

A construction worker at the time, Ivan donated blood to a coworker that was in need.

In those 78 years since, he’s donated blood over 560 times.

“It’s the easiest way, and cheapest way to help people,” he said. “It takes two hours of your time.”

After he visits the Church of the Brethren and donates platelets, which he does once a month, he receives text message later telling him his blood was used.

“It feels good to know you’re helping someone,” Ivan said.

Ivan and his wife of 72 years, Clara, have lived at the Brethren Retirement Community (BRC) since 1998. They had a home in the Chestnut Village for 22 years, and more recently moved into an apartment in the main building of BRC.

Ivan was born and raised in Trotwood, and went on to co-found Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air in 1950 at age 23. One of the most successful plumbing businesses in the area, it remains family-owned and operated.

Together the couple raised five daughters and one son. They now have 15 grandchildren and even more great-grand children.

“We have been blessed,” Clara said.

Similar to her husband, she has donated blood quite often over the years, racking up around 60 donations.

Ivan has held the title of the oldest blood donor in the area for quite some time. He celebrated his 500th donation in 2018.

“Once you pass 500, then you want to keep on going,” Patterson said. “My goal now is to hit 600 by the time I’m 100.”

“And he’s getting close to 100!” Clara added.

For information on how you can donate blood, go to