Governor DeWine to announce decision today on controversial trans youth bill


UPDATE: During this morning’s press conference, Gov. DeWine announced he has decided to veto HB 68 and leave the decision up to parents and medical care professionals. He also stated that there will be rules set in place in the near future to protect children and prevent “popup clinics” from performing medical procedures.


COLUMBUS – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will make his decision today regarding House Bill 68 which would prevent trans students from participating in opposite-gender sports and would prohibit trans kids from getting certain medical treatments before they turn 18.

DeWine said HB 68, which majority Republicans in the legislature passed, but many health organizations and advocates for transgender children oppose this complex bill.

The bill was passed by Ohio’s House and Senate on Dec. 13. It was sent to the governor’s office on Dec. 18, and he then had 10 days to weigh his decision to sign or veto the bill. DeWine could also allow the bill to become law without his signature, but that isn’t expected.

Whatever Gov. DeWine does today, it is expected to not go without controversy on either way he decides to go. There are many on both sides of this imposing law and it will have a great impact on those who support and oppose HB 68.

The governor is expected to hold a press conference today at 10:30 am to announce his decision publically.