Fairboard gets an update on FairDash


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Agricultural Society Board of Directors met Wednesday evening and had a Zoom meeting to further discuss a possible FairDash App. 

During Public Comment, Kathleen Ditmer presented the board with a check from the dog committee.  

“I have a check for the dog crate containers,” Ditmer said. “I would like to ask the senior fairboard to remember the dogs when you set up a ground-breaking ceremony because we would like to be there. We would also like to do a check presentation when the time comes with committee members and all of you. We are very, very excited. Some are hopeful, some are a little scared, but I have faith in you all.” 

Also, during Public Comment, Tim Reck gave an update on the Speed Barn Renovation Project. 

“We had $59,750 in the account for the barn project, and we have spent $44,278.45 so far on that project,” Reck said. “I have been a horseman here for 45 years, and this is by far the most work that has ever been done to those barns,”

Tim Reck also shared he has resigned as President of the DCHHA. 

“For those of you who don’t know it, I have resigned from being the President of the Horsemens because I need to take care of my wife more than I need to take care of these people,” Reck said. “Tyler Cook is going to be the president, Craig is going to be the vice president, Marty said she would do the treasurer, and no one wants to be secretary. Everyone is running unopposed.”

During Old Business, the board connected to a Zoom call with Cameron Daimra, a software engineer with family in Darke County, who gave updates on the FairDash App project. 

The FairDash app would work like DoorDash and other food delivery apps. You download the app, browse through vendors, and order your food. 

Along with food ordering, the FairDash app would allow the board to send announcements, edit daily events, and create giveaways. 

FairDash Runners, hired by the FairDash Manager, would pick up and deliver orders. 

The app is still in development and may take six months to a year to be ready to use. 

The board will continue to receive updates and work with Cameron for future use of the app at the Darke County Fair. 

During the Fair Manager Report, Laura Ahrens shared Verizon is helping with the internet issues on the fairgrounds. 

“Verizon is going to come and check us out and put up a temporary antenna during our fair at no cost to us,” Ahrens said. “They are doing this at 33 counties in Ohio, so right now, I just need an area that is 60 feet by 60 feet; they need preferably near a fiber line or power pole. They feel this benefits the fair. I actually talked to a county fair from Pennsylvania who used this last year, and they said it was a world of difference.” 

During Directors’ Reports, Dean Neff shared another upcoming Gun Raffle. 

“We are doing a gun raffle to help raise money,” Neff said. “Some people like it, some people don’t, but it’s to help make money for the fairgrounds and to keep up the buildings. We’ve got the tickets in the office.” 

The Darke County Fair Board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at 800 Sweitzer St., Greenville, Ohio, 45331, in the meeting room across from the fair office. For more information, contact the Fair office at 937-548-5044.