EverHeart Hospice recipient of Browns Backers donation

Scott Stahl, seated left, presents the check for this year's donation to Erica Wood of Hospice. Also shown, on the couch are Rachel Arthur and Stacy Fry; and back row, Kristin Stephens, Amy Levan, Nick Siegrist, Caitlyn Bowling, Amber Duncan, Angie Didier and Ashlynn Beisner. (Linda Moody photo)

GREENVILLE – The Union City Browns Backers have donated once again to EverHart Hospice in Greenville. It is their sixth year of giving to the agency for a total of more than $7,000.

Scott Stahl, founder and president of the Browns Backers said the money earned to make these donations possible comes from raffles and 50/50 drawings they hold for members.
In addition to EverHeart Hospice, they give to the Journey Home in Winchester, Ind.
There are currently 50 members in the group.

“At one point, we had 120 or so members,” Stahl said. “We are hoping for success on the football field so the numbers of our members will increase.”

The Browns Backers, who formed in 1987, meet at the Pizza Hut in Union City, Ind., with its first meeting this year set for 6 p.m. July 11.

Officers, in addition to Stahl, are Dave Johnson, vice president; Dan Pollitt, secretary; and Sheila Crowe, treasurer.

Anyone interested in joining may contact Stahl via email at scottstahl@yahoo.com or by calling 937-968-5684.

According to Stahl, this is the largest organized pro sports fan club, and it offers newsletters, a monthly meeting, game bus trips, visits to training camps and a post-season banquet.

Another project for them is collecting dog and cat food donations when the Cleveland Browns play the Cincinnati Bengals. Those items are then presented to specific locations.
In the past, The Brown Backers have been known to donate to the Humane Society and have handed out mittens to the children at the Head Start in Union City.