El Carreton owner to bring ‘family-oriented’ Mi Casa Mexican Grill to Versailles


VERSAILLES—Ricardo Bernal, owner of Greenville Mexican restaurant El Carreton, plans to open a new Mexican restaurant in Versailles called Mi Casa Mexican Grill.

The restaurant, which will go in the building that previously housed Sideliners Sports Bar & Grill at 17 E Main St., will offer Village residents a family-oriented dining experience.

“Expect a healthy, family atmosphere,” he said. “That’s our goal. We do have alcohol, margaritas and a liquor license, but we will not have a bar. Why? Because we want to make it a family restaurant. You can eat and drink, but we’re looking for a family restaurant.”

He added that besides Creekside and Hotel Versailles, there’s not a lot for people to choose from in town.

“We want to offer the people more. Everything around is pizza. Pizza, pizza, pizza. You have the hotel and Creekside. Besides that there is really no place to go eat, have food and have a drink.”

Bernal’s goal with Mi Casa is not to make money, but to open a long-lasting, nice restaurant for the people of Versailles.

“I want to grow,” he said. “I want to make it look nice. Versailles is a nice town, a really nice town. I want a restaurant that will last 20 years, not a restaurant that will open up and close. I’m building something that hopefully if it goes well, it can be established and last for a lifetime.”

Bernal said he plans to have Mi Casa open some time between the end of February, beginning of March, and asked that the community be patient at the start.

“We’re looking to give Versailles the best, and all of our clients, the best service that we can,” he said. “At first, people will have to wait. At first, we will have mistakes. We would like our customers to understand that we are trying. We want to build something that is family-owned, a family restaurant. Give us a chance to make mistakes.”

Mi Casa Mexican Grill will be located at 17 E Main St., Versailles, Ohio, 45380, and El Carreton is located at 401 Wagner Ave., Greenville, Ohio 45331.

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