Darke County Marriage Licenses

Casey K. Crabtree, 44, Union City, and Alfred L. Pettie, 79, Union City, Ohio.
Adam Michael Voisard, 38, Versailles, and Ashton  Renee Dieringer, 36, Versailles.
Justin Scott Trittschuh, 35, Versailles, and Samantha Renee Dilsaver, 26, Versailles.
Kaitlin Diane Shafer, 31, Versailles, and James Romiel Osborne, 50, Bradford.
Stacy Everett Caldwell, 52, Greenville, and Amberdawn Elizabeth Kenworthy, 42, Greenville.
Roylyn Nicole Martin, 35, Union City, Ohio, and Jesse Lee  Brenner, 32, Union City, Ohio.
Billy Ray Crossley, 26, Arcanum, and Jessica Ann Hinshaw, 24,  Arcanum.
Lisa Marie Murphy, 45, Richmond, Ind., and Jerry Daniel Jessee, 63, Modoc, Ind.
Brock Daniel Verhoff, 30, Celina, and Elly A. Puthoff, 35, Versailles.
Mackenzie Denise Thrush, 19, Greenville, and Jacob Isaac Wolfe, 19, Greenville.
Michelle Louise Baker, 54, Greenville, and Brian Scott Johns, 52, Greenville.
Blake Mitchell Green, 23, Greenville, and Taylor Ann Cunningham, 19, Greenville.
Lucas Jay Chrisman, 27, Arcanum, and Audrey Jean Kelly, 24, Ansonia.
Joshua Lee Deeter, 39, Greenville, and Rianna Jo Apple, 23, Greenville.
Lauren Alessandra, 32, Titusville, Pa., and Lukas William Tarr, 35, Titusville, Pa.
Hana Jean Fudge, 21, New Paris, and Jordan Mark Hummel, 24, New Paris.
Ryan Joseph Holscher, 37, Greenville, and Christina Eileen Warner, 38, Greenville.
Travis Edward Teaford, 52, Greenville, and Stacey Renee Stachler, 48, Greenville.
Marshall E. Mullins, 44, Bradford, and Charity A. Rismiller, 41, Springfield.
Tucker Dane Stahl,29, Greenville, and Taylor Madison Dubbs, 25, Greenville.
Allyson Louise Hayes, 25, Greenville, and Carson Matthew Bruner, 25, Greenville.
Larry Dean Baker, 62, Greenville, and Shannon Angel Masters, 39,  Greenville.
Keisha Le Ann Hendrix, 25, Greenville, and Frank Michael Gragorace 33, Greenville.
April Dawn Van De Pitte, 49, Rossburg, and Kevin Todd Brumbaugh, 52, Rossburg.
Joshua Alan Hollinger, 24, Arcanum, and Morgan Elizabeth Baker, 22, Waynesville, Ohio.
Phillip R. Sease, 45, Arcanum, and Brock Jared Slaughter, 31, Arcanum.
Sean Michael Besecker, 24, Versailles, and Jamie Teresa Hart, 23, Versailles.
Tiffany Ann Carrubba, 31, Greenville, and Cody Allen Eugene Cook, 33, Greenville.
Jolie Jo-Ann Kay Elson, 22, Union City, and Josiah Daniel Young, 25, Spring Valley, Ohio.
Quentin James Rairigh, 30, Greenville, and Katelynn Marie Miles, 34, Greenville.
Elaine Renee Snyder, 43, Greenville, and Daniel Joseph Hawley, 41, Greenville.
Margaret Ann Weiss, 20, Arcanum, and Joshua Paul Wright, 22, Greenville.
Hollie Ray Voisard, 22, Arcanum, and Larkin Jay Ressler, 22, Arcanum.
Dominique Rochelle Purdin, 45, Union City, Ind., and Brian Jay Stewart, 43, Union City, Ind.
Teddy Joseph Pechie, 45, Union City, Ohio, and Kelsey Marie Lumpkin, 28, Union City, Ohio.
Allison Michaela Reed, 21, Versailles, and Caleb Ryan Fraley, 19, North Star.
Alilya Marie Barga, 23, Ansonia, and Max Steven Heitbrink, 24, Maria Stein.
Ian Todd Cook, 28, Greenville, and Ashton Marie Kester, 26, Greenville.

David Eugene Wolfe, 56, Greenville, and Angel Dawn Robinson,52, Richmond, Ind.
Kyle Steven Lee Phillips, 25, Arcanum, and Madison Lynne Schaar, 24, Arcanum.
Kenneth Delaine Grilliot, 34, Versailles, and Minty Dawn Williamson, 39, Versailles.
Deborah Jo Rice, 32, Bradford, and Dakota Wayne Crouse, 27, Brookville, Ohio.
Hunter Prescott George, 25, Greenville, and Valerie Renee Kissinger, 23, Bradford.
Kelsey Raine Thompson, 22, Arcanum, and Noah Breaden Koffer, 23, Arcanum.
Marah Christine Moeller, 23, Versailles, and Mitchell Bryant Huelskamp, 23, Versailles.
Walter Robert Dolinski III, 36, Arcanum, and Morgan Breanna Petkus, 34, Arcanum.
Lindsey Nicole Dirksen, 28, New Madison, and John Tyler Tuthill, 29, New Madison.
Jarrett Dale Hurd, 26, Greenville, and Taylor Deanne Newman, 22, Greenville.
David Louis Barlage, 24, Yorkshire, and Megan Reene Tuente, 21, Yorkshire.
Bradley Alan Hummel, 43, Greenville, and Jonna Kay Scheblo, 34, Greenville.
Darla R. Printz, 61, Greenville, and Allen L. Whittaker, 70, Greenville.
Dalton Dale Mayer, 25, Arcanum, and Lacy Fay Hennigner, 24, Arcanum.
Megan Elizabeth Rismiller, 23, Yorkshire, and Ryan Francis Vagedes, 24, Fort Recovery.
Richard Edwin Arthur, 60, Greenville, and Tracy Renee Smith, 53, Greenville.
Daniel Lee Hill, 33, Arcanum, and Shannin Dawn Ledgett, 32, Arcanum.
Zoee Ryann Saige Woolridge, 22, Richmond, Ind., and Jacob Andrew Jones, 22, Richmond, Ind.
Corey Jacob Locker, 33, Greenville, and Abby Nicole Robbins, 34, Greenville.
Abigail Anne Riley, 22, Greenville, and Ezekiel David Myers, 28, Perrysville, Ky.
Matthew Donald Prueter, 23, North Star, and Katelyn Marie Knapke, 23, North Star.
Jalisa Dawn Scott, 28, Union City, Ohio, and Travis James Chesney, 29, Union City, Ohio.
Brigget Yvonne Moore, 51, Versailles, and James Daniel Johnson, 54, Versailles.
Samantha Rae Buckley, 38, New Madison, and Zachary Daniel O’Dell, 38, New Madison.
Kenneth Dale Baker, 58, Ansonia, and Sandra Franke, 55, Ansonia.
John Brian Flocke, 44, Clay, N.Y., and Angela Marie Stebbins, 44, Clay, N.Y.
Francisco Jav Estrada Aguilar, 34, Union City, Ind., and Angy Lucia Mangones Jimenez, 27,
Union City, Ind.
Daniel James Berger, 25, Ansonia, and Alyssa Marie Thompson, 22, Minster.
Mariah Joan Riddle, 25, Fountain City, Ind., and Kyle Joe  Eversole, 25, Fountain City, Ind.
Theresa Marie Rhea, 68, Arcanum, and James Owen Gish, 76, Arcanum.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to My County Link for publication.