Curt Garrison Promoted to Project Manager at Spirit EMS


After being with Spirit EMS for three years, Curt Garrison was recently promoted to Project Manager. While interviewing for another position, Garrison was approached by Brian K. Hathaway, President/CEO of Spirit Medical, about taking over the project manager position.

“Brian had a conversation with me,” Garrison said. “He wanted me to consider the project manager’s job. With my skill set, they felt it was a good fit.”

As a project manager, Garrison has a variety of duties. Some of his recent projects include getting apartments ready for recent contract employee hires, maintenance around the stations, overseeing the paving of the parking lot, redoing the concrete in front of both entrances of their building, and purchasing a machine that makes oxygen. Hence, they no longer have to buy medical oxygen.

“It can range from construction to more of an administrative task,” Garrison said. “It’s a little bit of everything. It’s actually building things with my hands or sitting behind a desk and pushing papers.”

A large project that Garrison and Spirit have coming up is the building of a new education center, a new facility just south of their current building. It’s going to be over a million-dollar construction project. This will house their education classes and include a meeting area where over 200 people will be able to gather at once.

Garrison is excited about the new position and looks forward to what it will bring.

“It opened up some opportunities,” Garrison said. “That job allows me the flexibility to be on the truck as a paramedic along with the project manager tasks and working at GRCC. It’s a good fit. It’s definitely a challenge; you never know what’s going to get thrown at you. It keeps it interesting.”

Hathaway said Garrison has been fulfilling the role of Project Manager exceptionally well and has made so much progress in the short time he’s been in the executive management role.

“Anyone who knows Curt is sure to know he’s someone who will take a task and see it through,” Hathaway said. “Curt is very detail-oriented, and with his vast knowledge, willingness to always learn new things, and background in project management, he has enabled Spirit to internally manage a number of projects that would have otherwise incurred us the expense of outside expertise. We are elated to have him as a part of the Spirit EMS family as we work on projects that have the heart of our staff, patients, and community in the forefront of our mind in all we do for the good of others.” 

Congratulations, Curt Garrison!