Celebrating July 4th and Nature: A Symbiotic Relationship!

The American Bald Eagle is a majestic bird and and represents power, strength and freedom and is the National Bird of the U.S. (Dale Barger Photo)

What does July 4th and Nature have to do with each other … well it begins with the American Bald Eagle.

What a beautiful bird to represent the United States of America. (Dale Barger Photo)

I think about our freedoms and the sacrifices made by so many before us … clear up to our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence signifying our separation from England and the start of our own country now the United States of America.

One of the tasks of the 3 key members who signed the declaration in 1776 were authorized to design the official seal of our country.  They were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson … but they were unable to win Congress approval.

Two other committees also failed to win approval with then Secretary of Congress Charles Thomson taking over the responsibility.  He reviewed all three committees work and took the best of all three, which also included the eagle.

Thomson made one small change and that was to use the American Bald Eagle, which was unique to North America, instead of a smaller white Eagle.  Congress adopted the design of the seal on June 20, 1782, six years after the signing the Declaration of Independence.

The “American Bald Eagle” was approved in 1782 as the Official Bird of the United States and place on the Grand Seal.

The Eagle has stood as symbol of strength and freedom and being named the official bird of the United State and has been prominent on the United States logo seal ever since.

The Eagle has also showed resilience after nearly becoming extinct in the mid 1900’s and has made a significant comeback and although they are no longer endangered they are still Federally protected.

Although a fierce hunter this Eagle was gentle as small Blue Gray Gnatcatcher goes nose to nose. (Dale Barger Photo)

When I see an Eagle soaring high in the sky it evokes a feeling of freedom and liberation.

When I see their intense focus as they size up a target I admire their strength as they pounce and subdue their prey.

“Watching the Eagle pounce on its prey and provide for its family is a first hand view of nature and very captivating. (Dale Barger Photo)
The American Bald Eagle loves fish but they are diverse and will hunt squirrels, rabbits, other birds and with strong talons that are razor sharp and a keen eyesight they can see for miles and skillful hunters and providers for their family. (Dale Barger Photo)

When I see them furiously fend off any and all intruders I feel their determination and natural instincts to protect their family and home.

The Eagle will fend off anything that will get anywhere within a 1-6 miles of the nest. (Dale Barger Photo)

It’s these attributes of power, strength, wisdom and courage that has made the American Bald Eagle a perfect representation for our country.

This Eagle projects Power, Wisdom & Strength. (Dale Barger Photo)

So as we celebrate July 4th let us reflect on the symbiotic relationship of “We the People” and the “American Bald Eagle” both who have  have endured together now for 247 years and let us never take for granted our freedom or the majesty of the American Bald Eagle that represents that freedom, and that’s my “View of Nature.”