Greenville Police Blotter



June 18, 6:48, pm. Officer Trenton Spradley observed a 2008 Cadillac SUV with expired registration. Spradley initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver Matthew Artz who admitted to not having a driver’s license. Artz’s driving privleges are under 16 active suspensions. Artz was issued a citation in reference to driving under suspension and advised of his court date.

June 25, 9:28 pm, Officer Sam Conley initiated a traffic stop on a red 2000 Chevy Silverado that made a turn without signaling. After the correct identification of the driver was discovered, Jermel T. Smith, it was discovered that he had an active felony warrant through Deleware County Indiana in reference to a domestic battery charge with no bond. Jermel was arrested, issued traffic citations, and charged with furnishing false information to a police officer.


June 6, 3:30 pm, Officer Richard Archer was dispatched to Rural King in reference to a trespassing complaint. Upon arrival, Archer came into contact with witness Kirk Young who advised that Allen Shaffer was currently in the building and believed to be previously charged with trespassing due to Shaffer attempting to steal items from the store. After confirming with dispatch that Shaffer had indeed been previously charged with trespassing, Archer spoke with Kirk who advised he did want to press charges on Shaffer. Kirk completed a witness statement form as well as a Victim’s Rights form. Shaffer was issued a citation for criminal trespass and was advised not to return to the store.


June 23, 7:21 am. Officer Trevor Robbins located a known wanted fugitive at the intersection of Martin Street and Gray Avenue. Robbins noticed Faith Fellers walking on Martin Street. Fellers is known to have active warrants out for her arrest. After confirming the active felony warrant out of Jay County Indiana for possession of amphetamine with no bond, Robbins approached Fellers informed her of her warrant, and arrested her.

June 23, 9:28, Officer Trenton Spradley and Ben Conley responded to East Main Street in reference to a wanted person inside the residence. The two officers recognized Jonathan Oakes in the residence. It had been confirmed that Oakes had a Darke County Sheriff’s Office Felony warrant for ten counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor with no bond. Spradley arrested Oakes and transported him to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Jail.

June 24, 4:21 pm, Officer Trenton Spradley responded to a Ludlow Street wanted person complaint. The GPD received an order of hold for David Daniels in reference to a parole violation through the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Officers located Daniels who was then transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Jail where he was released to staff.

June 28, Officer Jason Marion located Jeremy Jones and arrested him on two outstanding arrest warrants. One was from the Darke County Municipal Court and the GPD for failure to appear on a driving under suspension case. The second was through the Logan County Sheriff’s Office for a family offense. Jones was arrested and transported to the Darke County Jail,

June 28, 7:40 pm, Officer James Santo was dispatched to Martin Street in reference to a disorderly complaint. Upon arrival, Santo made contact with Mara Maxwell and was informed by dispatch that Maxwell had a warrant out for failure to appear on the original charge of driving under suspension. Maxwell was arrested and transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office.

June 29, 1:24 am, Officer Matthew Ganiron went to 12th Street to serve a bench warrant. James Jarrett admitted that he knew he missed a court date for driving under suspension. After allowing Jarrett to get dressed and gather money for his bond, officer Ganiron arrested Jarrett. Jarrett was then transported to Darke County Jail.


June 23, 11:52 am, Officer William Daugherty was dispatched to the 100 block of North Broadway Greenville in reference to vandalism on a white Chevrolet pickup truck. Driver Chris Sweigart stated he was stopped at the stop sign on Whallon Street facing west towards North Broadway when he heard a loud boom and all the truck’s airbags deployed. Upon investigation, red, white, and blue torn papers resembling a piece of firework were found underneath and around the truck along with burn marks on the street that were consistent with an explosion on the driver’s side of the truck. Witness Sally Lephart was in Maidrite state that a dark older style Chrysler Van was heading northbound on North Broadway that threw out what appeared to be a stick rolled up with white paper with one end on fire. Contact was made with Maidrite Sandwich shop staff who advised they will make contact with their security company to get video footage of the incident.


June 20, Officer William Daugherty was dispatched to West Main Street in reference to a theft/scam. Daugherty met with Gary Sierer, who stated on June 15, he was scammed out of $84,900. Sierer that he received an email from “Geek Squad” advising that his subscription renew was $490 and then informed Sierer that they mistakenly wired $84,900 instead of charging him the $490. They asked Sierer to rewire the money to their bank and then asked for another $20,000. At this point, Sierer noticed he was missing $84,935 from his checking account and informed his bank and was advised to file a police report. Daugherty informed Sierer that he was scammed. On June 27 at 10:33 am Daugherty collected a statement and the victim’s right form.

June 21, 3:46 pm, Brian Biwers came to GPD to report he had been scemmed out of nearly $20,000.  Bowers reported that he met a person identified as Sandra Grant on the Plenty of Fish dating site several months ago. The email Sandra was using was After talking with her over time, Sandra stated she was an antique / arts collector and asked if he would help her cash a check. Bowers agreed and a check was mailed to him from Onpoint Community Credit Union in the amount of $27,629 dated 5/18/23.  Bowers stated the name of the credit union seemed legitimate so he depositied the check into his account at 5/3 bank. Bowers stated he then, over a period of several transactions, went to Casey’s General Store on Russ R. in Greenville and sent Bitcoin to the QR Code he was provided. The total amount sent was nearly $20,000 before 5/3 Bank froze his account. 5/3 Bank Fraud department advised Bowers to file a report and contact them back. Officer Jason Marion provided Bowers with the victim’s rights literature did the report.

June 22, 3:26 pm Officer William Daugherty was flagged down by Drew Donavan in the 400 block of Tecumseh St. Donavan informed Daugherty that he received a call at his residence from someone portraying to be with the IRS telling him he was under investigation for money laundering and aiding terrorism. The unknown caller stated he was an investigator by the name of Daniel B. Robinson and told Donavan that he needed to withdraw $2,000.00 from his bank account and take it to the Walmart service center in order to send it to the IRS. The caller told Donavan that the $2,000.00 would be deposited into a secure bank account to avoid having a warrant for his arrest and instructed Donavan to stay on the phone while he made the transaction. Donavan went through with the transaction and spent the money at 3:03 pm. After sending the money a woman on the phone interrupted the phone call informing Donavan he had been scammed.

June 26, 9:47 am Officer Joesph Wolfe was dispatched to Lowes in reference to theft. Wolfe was provided a report from Loss prevention Leah Schroeder that stated on June 2, at around 2 am an older white pickup truck entered the parking lot, two subjects got out and loaded two Craftman’s Riding Lawn Mowers worth $3,878 and a zero turn Husqvarna lawn mower worth $3,649 into the back of the truck and leave the parking lot at around 3:36 am. At this time there is no subjects.


June 24, 11:12 pm Sargent Joseph Monnin was advised by Officer Spradley of a motorcycle at a high rate of speed near Greenville City Circle. Monnin located the vehicle on Hamilton Street near Devor Street and observed the vehicle fail to stop at numerous visible stop signs, failed to signal turns, and was speeding through the city in a reckless manner. Monnin initiated a traffic stop, the motorcycle failed to stop and pursuit was initiated. The case is under investigation.