Cassidy Seubert Wins 1st in Junior Bake-A-Rama


Tuesday morning Jr Fair hosted the Junior division of its Bake-A-Rama Contest. This year, the Junior division made chocolate chip cookies.

Eight Contestants had a limit of 20 minutes to prepare and then 30 minutes to bake.

Judges Beverly Pressall and Ann Clutter scored them based on six different categories. These categories were measuring food, preparation of food, clean up, posture and poise, reaction to questions, and quality of the finished product.

In the measuring food category, they were judged on the correct use of measuring utensils, measuring accordingly, and uses of proper techniques.

The preparation of the food category included correct mixing procedures and the correct consistency of the batter.

The clean-up category included space cleanliness, being neat, orderly, and getting cleaned up quickly.

The posture and poise category was based on the contestants’ neat appearance and self-confidence.

The reaction to the questions category was based on their ability to stay calm and comfortable while the judges asked them questions.

Finally, the quality of their finished cookies was based on consistency, flavor, appearance, and presentation.

A chaotic addition to this division’s contest happened when one of the bakers retrieved her batch of cookies from the oven. Something fell to the bottom of the stove, landing on the element and catching fire.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and the fire burned itself out quickly. With the fire put out, the young baker took some of her leftover cookie dough and could continue in the competition.

The judges were excited to see so many young people wanting to participate in 4-H activities.

“It’s always really great for me to come back to the fair and see the youth in the community participate in these activities and keeping our fair the Great Darke County Fair,” Beverly Pressall said.

In third place, receiving a Kitchenaid hand mixer was Clara Ward.

In second place, receiving a Kitchenaid toaster was Abby Mchlinch.

Winning first place and receiving a Kitchenaid Personal Blender was Cassidy Seubert.

Congratulations to the winners and all those who participated!