Cancer Association of Darke County is Here to Help


Cancer patients in Darke County have a fantastic support system with the Cancer Association of Darke County. Patients can receive reimbursement for transportation, medication, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements. They also have access to donated supplies and the lending library.

“The organization has been in place since 1995,” Christine Lynn, Director at the Cancer Association of Darke County, said. “It became a 501C3 in ’96. I have worked here since 2011.”

The CADC has done amazingly for cancer patients of Darke County. They usually have between 250 – 300 active files of cancer patients they help. A patient’s benefits last for five years with the CADC with the goal of not only helping them through treatment but through healing as well, helping them get to the point of becoming cancer-free.

“I haven’t totaled it up, but we passed our $2 million mark that we have paid back to patients,” Lynn said. “We have just had so much really great support. It’s not really anything we have done; it’s just the people give.”

The CADC gets a lot of support and funding from different places. They are funded by United Way, local grants, and donations.

They only provide benefits to those in Darke County. Keeping the funds local means the CADC has a lot of trust within the community.

“Almost everybody knows somebody that’s had cancer that has maybe benefited from our organization,” Lynn said. “There is a trust there because they see people that are actually benefiting from it.”

One of the more popular donations for patients comes from a sewing group. It is called a bowlie.

“We have a group of ladies down at Ithaca that sew,” Lynn said. “A lot of our patients, when they have chemotherapy, they get a neuropathy; it’s kind of like a numbness in their hands and feet. You put your bowl in the bowlie and put it in the microwave, and then when you take it out, it doesn’t burn your hand. That is the most popular thing we give away.”

If you want to help the CADC support Darke County cancer patients, there are a few things you can do. Monetary donations can be made on their website or brought into the office. Donations of other items, such as wigs, incontinent products, baby wipes, scarves, hats, etc., can be brought into their office. The CADC can also use volunteer support for events, mailing, and driving.

Here is their assistance policy:

Purpose: This Association has been formed to provide services, according to need, to cancer patients who reside in Darke County.

Eligibility: To qualify for services, a patient must provide documentation of their diagnosis and be a resident of Darke County. A statement signed by the attending physician is sufficient. Other documentation that may be required includes insurance cards, medicare cars, Medicaid cars, and explanations of benefits from insurance companies. A valid driver’s license or picture ID is required. If visiting from another country, legal status must be confirmed with a Visa and/or Green Card.

Services: These items will be available to patients who have completed registration with the Cancer Association of Darke County. The benefit is a 5-year benefit, which allows time for treatment to be completed, monitoring, etc. Bills will be processed in the office, and checks will be mailed within a reasonable time frame. Loud, abusive, or threatening behavior toward staff will not be tolerated.

Registration requires completion of the patient registration form, a statement from the patient’s doctor stating the type of cancer they have, a copy of the patient’s medical insurance cards, and a copy of the prescription for Ensure (if needed). The board reserves the right to deny benefits at their discretion.

Transportation: We will pay 25 cents per mile for any mileage incurred while a patient is traveling in a car, van or truck, or ambulance to the physician, surgeon, and oncologist for testing and blood work or traveling.

Medication: We will reimburse up to $100 per month for any cancer-related medications prescribed by your physician. This will only include unpaid or co-pay balances not covered by your insurance. For OTC meds, vitamins, etc., a dated signed note by the physician stating the need for the medication will be required.

Medical Supplies: We will reimburse up to $75 per month for medical supplies related to cancer or cancer treatment, such as ostomy bags or wound dressings, syringes/needles, devices, and other items as deemed by the physician.

Nutritional Supplements: Patients with prescriptions may receive up to 2 cases of Ensure or receive reimbursements of $50 per month for alternate nutritional supplements. For those supplements other than Ensure, a dated signed note by the physician will be required. If the patient doesn’t require the Ensure for a period of 6 months, a new order from the physician will be required.

Donated Supplies: Patients may receive a wig, head covering, blanket, or any other item that has been donated to the CADC based upon items available. First come, first served. A maximum of 2 wigs per year will be observed.

Lending Library: We have a lending library on cancer and health topics available. We also have internet access available for those seeking cancer-related information.

Additionally, patients are encouraged to check with their physician’s office to see if they are eligible for prescription assistance through drug company programs.

Please note: To be eligible for reimbursements, all receipts and/or mileage forms must be no older than sixty days. CADC encourages patients to turn in bills monthly. After a patient has been in remission for five years, benefits received from the CADC will cease. If a patient has a reoccurrence or a new cancer diagnosis, they will be admitted as a new patient.

For more information, visit their website here or their office at 1111 Sweitzer St., Greenville, OH 45331