Brewer runs as write-in for “blank” seat


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DARKE COUNTY – Meladi Brewer is running as a write-in candidate for Darke County Commissioner. The race will appear “blank” with no names on the ballot; however, she is running as a write-in for that seat.

Voting is easy: fill in the “write-in” bubble and physically type the name of the candidate of your choosing. The name must be spelled correctly enough to know the intent. An easy way to remember how to spell Meladi’s name is by saying “Melady with an i.”

“I got a text saying my petition had been approved, and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic and relieved. That was until I was told it was for the wrong seat,” Brewer said.

Brewer takes accountability, saying she must have accidentally turned in the wrong petition with the wrong date. She had never intended to run for the seat originally filed for, but Brewer takes full responsibility for the consequences her mistake had caused.

“I do apologize for all the confusion and stress this causes. I know this is not ideal for the voters, and I should have 100 percent double-checked my information. For that I truly am truly sorry,” Brewer said.

To rectify the situation, Brewer withdrew her petition and filed as a write-in candidate, as one person cannot file two petitions in the same election.

“I’m just being transparent about the situation. I made it to the forefront of my campaign beginning in July of last year, and I guess I just subconsciously wanted to put my actions where my words were,” Brewer said.

Brewer is a graduate from Versailles who went on to obtain a Major in Journalism News and Information, a Minor in History, and a Specialization in English at The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

While there, she studied abroad independently in Spain, Portugal, and Vietnam, managed a news station that broadcasted live to 48 different counties in southeast Ohio and upper northwestern Kentucky, and also worked as a Food Production Assistant Manager for the campus where she independently oversaw the financial decisions for the food entities. 

Upon graduation, Brewer moved back home and got a job as a reporter, where she closely followed the Darke County Commissioners, Village Council meetings, and Darke County Courts and Crimes.

When she is not reporting, Brewer works two other jobs: a brand ambassador and as a Junior High Football, Basketball Cheer Advisor. She’s no stranger to the understanding of time management, hard work, and commitment. Ready for her involvement within the community to evolve, Brewer believes she can have a positive impact on the community.

“As a reporter, I am able to listen without bias and bring awareness. I was able to give a voice to the community, and I’m ready to make their voices louder because they matter,” Brewer said.

As an elected official, she will bring a new generation of forward-thinking and transparency to county business and is determined to ensure Darke County is on the right path to prepare for the future.

“We want the county to be a prosperous place for the younger generations. Where those who are the future can stay and thrive without overshadowing those who currently live here.” 

We should welcome a new generation of forward-thinking without overshadowing our morals and foundation to not only help the needs of Darke County today but to continue to make strides to help Darke County tomorrow. 

To contact Meladi Brewer, candidate for Darke County Commissioner, call 419-852-8216, email, or follow her on Facebook at Meladi Brewer, Candidate for Darke County Commissioner.

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