Wright and Houseman named Aktion Club Member of the Month

Aktion Club Members of the Month for November Chris Wright (Left) and December Janine Houseman (Right)

DARKE COUNTY – Chris Wright was named November Aktion Club Member of the Month. He was nominated by his friends at Aktive Day. Wright said he was very surprised and excited to get this award.

Wright enjoys spending time with his friends and his brothers. He also enjoys volunteering at Grilliot Alignment Service. He is known to be a hard worker.

Janine Houseman was named December Aktion Club Member of the Month. She was nominated by her peers and friends and was nominated for being the top seller during their pie sales fundraiser, selling 36 pies. Houseman said she was very excited and surprised about the award and told everyone she could about it.

Houseman is one of the newer members of the Aktion Club. She enjoys spending her time at Art Sense painting, playing games, and doing paid jobs. She also enjoys hanging out and eating with her sister. Houseman is known to have a good attitude and always being happy.

The Aktion Club continues to be very busy with service projects, averaging over 100 hours over the past two months.

Over Christmas, they adopted eight kids to give Christmases to. They partner with St. Paul Lutheran Church near North Star and the Road Hoggs to do this.

They will be doing a food drive in February. This is a challenge with Aktion Clubs in the Region. The proceeds will go to Fish Choice Pantry and the Union City Help Center.

With the Advocacy group and a partnership with Law enforcement, they did a PSA with the police asking motorists to slow down and pay extra attention to the intersection at Wagner Ave by McDonald’s. One member of the Advocacy group walks to work through that intersection and notices how dangerous crossing there can be. You can watch that video on Darke DD’s Facebook Page.

For more info on The Kiwanis Aktion Club, follow the Darke County DD Facebook page. For questions about the club, contact Huston at sueh@darkedd.org.