Wishes instead of failed resolutions

Shots in the Darke


I’ve pretty much given up on New Year’s resolutions, based on past experiences and failed goals, so let’s just be realistic and call this a list of wishes for 2024!!

I wish:

That at least one, if not both (although that could be almost an impossibility as they face each other the last week of the regular season), of Ohio’s NFL teams makes the playoffs.

The Reds would acquire a proven, veteran starting pitcher to bolster a still young but talented staff, someone who could throw more than six innings an outing.

That more attention would be given to the so-called minor high school sports around the area. These young athletes work just as hard and are as dedicated as individuals in the higher-profile competitions.

That my golfing friends and I improve our games this coming season (that might be pushing the limits on achievable wishes!).

West Central Ohio high school basketball teams reach their maximum potential (and make inroads in the state tournaments in late February and March). It’s always interesting to watch the improvement of teams and individuals as the season progresses.

That the 2024 election cycle is civil and non-controversial (call me a dreamer!).

That Old Man Winter is kind again this year (if this is climate change I kind of like it!).

NBA, and for that matter, college officials would start making traveling calls again. I’m getting fed up with the “Euro Step” that seems to include Asia also—how many times have you seen two dribbles and a dunk from mid-court?

That the stock market stays high and the inflation rate lowers along with mortgage rates.

More youngsters would be become more physically active and spend less time on electronic devices and in front of the television.

That more adults would become more physically active and spend less time on electronic devices and in front of the television.

That I could figure out how to use the computer more capably than I do now with less cursing!

That some type of order comes to big-time college football and basketball when it comes to the “transfer portal”, NIL monies, booster groups, etc.

Conference realignments would settle down for just a month or two so I can figure out what schools are in what league this coming fall. Four West Coast schools in the Big Ten, SMU in the Atlantic Coast Conference, etc.?

That highly compensated “color commentators” would consider not talking so much about every single run-of-the-mill play!

High school booster organizations have record fundraising years to aid our young student-athletes and community fan bases continue to support their local teams.

That most of the infrastructure projects around West Central Ohio continue on schedule and provide the citizenry with improved services (I also wish that I had purchased stock in the companies that make orange cones!).

That MyCountyLink.com continues to grow and provide residents with pertinent, interesting articles and viewpoints concerning local happenings and events. We certainly appreciate the response, readership, and support of all the past year!!

That cooler, more thoughtful heads prevail around all of the trouble spots in the world today.

That everyone has a safe, healthy, and meaningful 2024—Happy New Year!!