Warner and House Broadcast Memories

Dr. Alex Warner and Ty House broadcast final Greenville Green Wave football game - As Kenny Rogers sings, ‘You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em’ ... Alex Warner

Dr. Alex Warner (L) and Ty House (R) bring down the curtain on their Green Wave Football broadcasting run. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREENVILLE – Longtime local broadcasters, Dr. Alex Warner and Ty House just completed their 17th year of Green Wave football coverage and the duo will be stepping away from the broadcast booth.

“As Kenny Rogers sings, ‘You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em’, said Warner. “It’s been a great run for both of us but it’s time to attend more of our grandkids’ games and activities as they enter the junior and senior high years.”

Warner and House have given 17 years of covering Wave football, first on Greenville Public
Access Television and later on “The WAVE at GHS” on YouTube.

Following are thoughts and comments from the two longtime broadcasting friends.

“After 10 years of telecasting tape delay Wave and Lady Wave basketball games Ty and I
decided, after some requests from fans, that we’d do some football games as well, mostly
home games. Fortunately Bill Booker and the school administration were willing to let us
practice our “hobby” and welcomed us with open arms to the Harmon Field press box.” – Alex Warner

“I have had, along with my partner Alex Warner, the honor of broadcasting Wave Football on tape delay for 17 years.  I truly enjoyed every minute of it. – Ty House

Dr. Alex Warner (L) and Ty House (Center) broadcast their last Greenville football game, Friday, October 20, 2023. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“We’ve been fortunate to have a great relationship with the Interactive Media group at GHS, led by Lori Hoover, the program’s instructor. Over the years many junior and senior students have manned the cameras and produced the games shown on the air. Many of these students have gone on in the broadcast area while others have become involved in other careers— without them we never could have continued for the 17 years of football and soon to be our 28th and final season of basketball. – Alex Warner

“We have enjoyed watching many good, and a few great, players from both Greenville and
opposing teams. Four Wave who stand out in my mind, and I could list many others, include: Zach Melling—the Wave’s all-time leading rusher for many years, he set the standard for others to aspire to as he was a great open-field runner as well as able to get the tough yards when most needed. Only his lack of size kept him from being a good college Division I ball carrier and receiver. First-team All-Ohio Division II. – Alex Warner

“Clay Guillozet—a starter at quarterback as a freshman, he still holds passing records for
total completions, yardage, and touchdowns. Injuries at different times kept him from being more widely recognized in the state. We all know how great he was in basketball!
Cory Knecht—was the bridge from Zach Melling to Brock Short. No one hit the hole
quicker with more force than he did. I always thought that he was one of the most underrated backs I’ve seen.” – Alex Warner

“Brock Short—almost a carbon copy of Zach Melling, he only played for the Wave his junior
and senior years yet shattered Melling’s rushing and scoring records. Shifty, quick, could have been an outstanding quarterback as well. He struck fear in opponents whether from
scrimmage or returning kicks. First-team All-Ohio in Division III. Like Melling a lack of size
prevented him from being a highly recruited college prospect.” – Alex Warner

Dr. Alex Warner and Ty House broadcasting Green Wave football from Greenville press box. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Dr. Warner shared a few great memories:

The press box at Harmon Field, cramped but home to many great local individuals and

Sitting in the bleachers in Portland, Indiana while taping a game in which Melling ran wild in a Wave victory.

Doing a game in Lebanon from a press box which should have been condemned many years before!

The press box at Celina which literally hangs out over the team bench and the 50-yard line.
Also the best press box food!!

Standing on an outside wing of the new Sidney Stadium press box in the rain as the Wave fell to the Yellow Jackets.

A two-overtime loss to Sidney two years ago at Harmon Field when the Wave came back from a three touchdown deficit in the fourth quarter only to lose when a gamble to go for a two-point conversion to win the game came up just inches short.

The GHS head coaches, administrators, press box personnel, players, and fans who have
made it a pleasure to do these games.

Dr. Alex Warner interviews 2023-2024 Greenville Homecoming Queen and King at homecoming football game halftime. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Interviewing the newly crowned Homecoming Queens and Chief Green Waves each year and sharing their joy and enthusiasm.

In 17 years, Alex and I, have seen some excellent teams and individual performances by both the Wave and their opponents. They are too numerous to list and I would not want to miss anyone, but suffice to say, many played at the next level. – Ty House

“There are a few games that we did in “not so-friendly weather”. We broadcast a game in Portland, Indiana (the Wave did not have a league affiliation that year) out in the stands as there was not a press box for us. A cold night as I remember. We did a game in Sidney and were given a spot in the press box area….outside, in the rain! There were some other games (one in Lebanon) and I am sure others where we earned our stripes! Rain, sleet, or gloom of night did not stop these broadcasters from their appointed rounds! – Ty House

“A game I will always remember in particular, happened as the Wave were coming onto the field. The cheerleaders had made a banner for the Wave to come crashing through. Well, the banner did not break when the Wave came charging. This caused a great pile-up of Wave and Cheerleaders! Could have made it on America’s Funniest Videos! – Ty House

The Greenville Alumni broadcasting team rounded it up by thanking the community and sharing their thoughts on their long working relationship.

“Finally, my partner in crime, Ty House. Without him, we couldn’t have lasted all of these years,”  said Dr. Warner. “We’ve been able to feed off of each other and have hopefully presented fans with entertainment, memories, and some insight into the games. I don’t know if we achieved Marty and Joe status but have enjoyed bringing these games to many, many viewers.”

“A thank you to the many people who have expressed their appreciation over the years—it’s been both an honor and a privilege!!” Warner concluded.

“I would be remiss if I did not thank the entire Greenville Schools, the Greenville Athletic Department, the Coaches, the personnel in the Wave press box, the Wave fans, the students who have been our cameramen and producers, and the media class and teachers who help produce and edit our games,” House stated. “A special thanks to my partner, Alex Warner!”

“It has been a great ride these past 17 years of Wave football, but the grandkids are the age now that it is time to follow them! Alex and I will be broadcasting 15 games (combination of both the Wave men’s and women’s games) in our 28th season beginning this November.” – Ty House