Lunch with the Greenville High School Class of 1951


GREENVILLE – The Greenville Class of 1951 still gets together for lunch! Most recently, Norma Chaney, Marie Schlechty, Sharon Schlechty, Charles Peck, Lynn Netzley, Rosie Schultz, and Ron Walters met at JT’s. 

They had about 135 people in their graduating class in 1951. They meet about twice a year to eat lunch, catch up, and share memories.

One exciting memory the group brought up was their class going on strike.

“Our class was the only class in Greenville High School that ever went on strike. The strike was for prom. They wanted an all-night prom, and of course, that didn’t fly, so they just went on strike,” They shared.

They also talked about what seemed to be a favorite place to get hamburgers for 10 cents down on Broadway. 

“I was in AG, and I think it was my sophomore year,” one shared. “We wanted to go to the hamburger joint at the end of Broadway. There used to be a hamburger joint there. Anyways, we said to our teacher, can we go down to the Fifth Street door and stand down there cause that would give us a head start to the rest of the guys to get to the hamburger joint? We would run the whole way.” 

“We girls, we’d run to the hamburger shop every day at noon to get our lunch,” another shared. “It got so they had our lunch ready because we got the same thing every day.” 

They really enjoy their time together during their lunches and sharing their favorite memories and stories.