Voting for a Write-in Commissioner candidate


Paid for by the Darke County Republican Party

The Darke County Republican Party is raising awareness of a unique situation on the March primary ballot. At first glance, the commissioner seat commencing 1/3/25 appears as if no one is running for it. However, two people filed to be write-in candidates for the seat: Aaron Flatter and Meladi Brewer.

In order to vote for a write-in candidate, voters must take an extra step. In the section for this Commissioner seat, there will be a “Write-In” bubble that must be selected. Once this selection is made, a keyboard will appear and voters will have to type in the name of the candidate for whom their vote will be cast. Poll workers will have a list of registered write-in candidates if asked. This will help the voter who might need help with spelling or remembering the optional candidates.

Please educate yourself on these two Republican candidates, and be sure to remember to write in the candidate of your choice.

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