Tipp City Charter Review Commissioner up for appointment


Pursuant to Tipp City’s Charter, every eight (8) years, the City Council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission. The City of Tipp City is seeking interested electors to serve on the Charter Review Commission.

An “Elector” means a person having the qualifications provided by law to be entitled to vote in the City of Tipp City. Electors wishing to be considered must complete an application and submit it to the Clerk of Council.

Applications are available at the Government Center located at 260 South Garber Drive, Tipp City, and on the City’s website www.tippcityohio.gov. Applications are due no later than 4:00 pm Thursday, February 8, 2024.

Members of the Charter Review Commission may not, at the time of their appointment to the Commission nor within a period of six months prior, be or have been an elected or appointed official of the City or an employee of the City.

The Commission shall review the Charter of the City and recommend to the Council such alterations, revisions, and amendments, if any, to the City’s Charter. The Commission shall act in an advisory capacity to Council regarding Charter revisions.

After consideration of the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission, the Council may submit any or all of such proposed such alterations, revisions, or amendments to the City Charter to the electors of the City in the manner provided by §11.03 of the Charter.

The terms of the members of the Commission shall terminate at the end of the period designated at the time of their appointment, or any extension thereof, by the Council.

Janice Bates, Clerk of Council