The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

From the Sidelines


This morning, December 21st, My County Link had a Christmas roundtable video to introduce all of you to the staff here.  It was a fun time to get everyone together, and share how we all…..well….got together, and what we do!

My County Link started out from the mind of Gaylen Blosser. Everybody knows Gaylen from his tireless work photographing High School Sports teams and individuals for Darke County.  He is a tireless worker, always thoughtful, and really does enjoy the student-athletes. He is a good boss and is always positive.  He is complemented in the sports field by his friend and partner in the business, Dale Barger.

Dale too, does a lot of sports coverage and is the sports information director of the WOAC. Dale has a very outgoing personality, and besides being a business owner (who as of today turned 60 years old by the way……Happy Birthday!) is also a tireless worker and champion of the student-athletes he covers.

Most businesses do not have men like these who have a clear vision of where they want to go, and the ability to let the staff accomplish that for them.  That is why this place is so much fun to work(?) at. (it really isn’t work, it’s a wonderful hobby!)

Tonya Keller is our office manager and sales person.  Talk about a go getter!  Tonya is always smiling, and will talk to anyone.  She is a great sales-person just because of her personality.  She also has two other short programs she does called “Tuesdays with Tonya” a video of interesting people, stories, and tidbits about Darke County, and “The Impactful Rippler” where she finds people who make a difference in our lives that we may not know about. Two good videos, so check them out!

The youngest member of the team is Amber Hutt.  Amber is a genius(?) in the media field and does presentations and gets stories out for all of us.  She is a wonderful young lady…..well, she’s ok…..and is the butt of a lot of harassment from me.  She is a trooper and handles it well…..(she has only let the air out of my tires once!)…..but a real good person!

Another well-known character here is Clint Randall.  Clint is our website guru, and does contribute stories too.  Clint has been under the weather lately, but is getting better and we hope to see him more often real soon.

Nick Schmidt is our videographer. He videos our round tables and does videos for people and others when needed.  Nick is a quiet guy, but warms up quickly to people….and he knows his stuff!

I really don’t know what to say about Linda Moody.  I mean, everyone in the county knows her, her great writing and stories, and what a good heart she has. Linda is a catch for any publication, and we are lucky to have her talent!

Reverend Chris Cobb has a column called “Writers Block” and has had several books published and still has time to write for us.  He is a good-natured person and is a pleasure to be around.

The rest of the crew involves Ty House, Alex Warner, Chris Norris, and myself.  Alex is the lead commentator, for lack of a better word, on our roundtable discussions, and writes an always interesting column called “Shots in the Darke”.  Alex is always fun and does a great job covering almost any topic.  His partner in crime for many years covering sports on video for the High School, is Ty House.  Ty is the color commentator for the two and is a valuable contributor to our roundtable discussions.

Chris Norris, former firefighter and Legendary Insurance agent (he made me say that!) now photographs High School sports and really helps Gaylen and Dale with coverage. I have known Chris for a while, and really enjoy his company.

Finally, there is me.  I do two columns, “At the Coffee Shop” and “From the Sidelines”.  Both are real enjoyable hobbies for me, and I just want to bring some insight, and a little humor and fun in my columns. I hope you enjoy them!

There you have it, the crew here at My County Link. A hodgepodge of different personalities that make it work, and work well, as we continue to grow.  I hope you tune into our latest video that brings these people to you in a personal way.  We had fun making it, (and making fun of my Christmas Sweater!)  Anyway, from all of us, to all of our readers, neighbors, and friends: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!